Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Transcend Guides Users on Selecting the Right SSD

5:22 PM
SD5-PR+SSD-01.jpg (640×640)

Upgrading from a traditional HDD to an SSD grants you a faster loading and access time to your data on your current HDD based system. As there are no moving parts in an SSD, lower power consumption are expected and the chances of failure from impact are pretty much negligible. Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, presents a quick guide on how to select the right Transcend SSD based on your needs, from the wide range of Transcend SSD lineup that caters to the needs of different users.

Essential Components of an SSD
SSD controller and NAND flash are the two major components, with the DRAM as optional. This can be seen on entry-level SSD that is catered for users who wants an SSD upgrade on a very tight budget.

Unlike a NAND flash, DRAM requires power to hold data and loses the data after a power cycle. Despite its volatile nature, DRAM serves great as a cache that improves the 4K random read and write performance of an SSD compared to the ones that doesn't comes with any DRAM cache.

Types of NAND Flash
There are different types of NAND flash available in the market, namely Single Level Cell (SLC), Multi-Level Cell (MLC), and Triple Level Cell (TLC) that serves different market verticals. With SLC being the fastest and has the longest lifespan up to 50,000 program-erase cycles, it is the most expensive NAND flash in the list and only available in smaller capacities. MLC is somewhere in the middle of both SLC and TLC, providing a balanced performance and reliability of up to 3,000 program-erase cycles, which makes it an affordable and suitable choice for everyday computing use and gaming. TLC, the most affordable NAND flash of all, is the least durable variant with fewer than 1,500 program-erase cycles. Despite its limited write endurance, TLC still serves its purpose for consumer applications that doesn't taxes much on the NAND flash itself. 

With the introduction of 3D NAND flash, manufacturers can further improve the endurance and reliability of MLC and TLC NAND flash. 3D NAND technology benefits TLC the most, as it can allow TLC NAND flash to perform at the level which is comparable to a planar MLC NAND flash.

Choosing the Right Transcend SSD Based On Your Needs
To ensure the utmost level of quality, Transcend SSDs undergo rigorous testing at all stages of production, including tests for vibration, temperature and humidity, speed, and functionality.

Users with a tight budget for SSD upgrade can consider for the entry-level SSD220 SATA III SSD, or perhaps the 3D NAND flash based SSD230 SATA III SSD or MTS420, MTS810 and MTS820 M.2 SSD that are capable of up to 560MB/s sequential read performance.

For users with some extra budget to stretch for a better choice of MLC NAND flash SSD, Transcend's mid-range SSD340, SSD360 SATA III SSD makes a great choice for both work and entertainment. If smaller footprints are part of the consideration for upgrade as well, the MTS400, MTS600 and MTS800 M.2 SSD are some of the mid-range choice that's worth the mention as well.

Transcend’s high-end SSD lineup includes the SSD370, the SATA III 6 Gb/s 2.5" SSD based on MLC NAND flash. It features capacities of up to 1TB that falls in the sweet spot of balanced performance, reliability and user's need for more space. If 560MB/s sequential read is not enough, how about 2,500MB/s? By utilizing the PCIe Gen3 X4 interface, the high-end MTE850 M.2 SSD is capable of sequential read and write of up to 2,500MB/s and 1,100MB/s, which are specially cater for users who just wants the best performance and reliability for their system.

Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia Goes Off-Road Vroom Vroom

7:03 AM
hexmojo-ffxv-regalia-type-d.png (640×358)

It’s probably common knowledge by now that, while the Regalia looks classy as hot fuck as you drive across the barren desert wastelands of Leide or the luscious sceneries in Duscae, it’s retardedly, dumbly, fragile. One measly hit and it’s back to Cindy for repairs. Or worse with the Type F, crash and burn if you land it wrong. Now, that will soon be gone as patch 1.12 finally introduces the Regalia Type D for that off-road driving.

Just go head to Cindy and she’ll do the rest. That’s pretty much it. Once you get the upgrade you’ll be moved out of the railroad that locks you in for the majority of your driving career.

Well anyway, the patch is a bit big at 8.65. Check out the patch notes below:
  • Implementation of Regalia Type-D off-road customization option (available at Hammerhead)
  • Conclusion of survey regarding future updates
  • Addition of compatibility with Episode Prompto
  • Addition of pieces from Episode Prompto to music player tracklist
  • Various bug fixes

Source | YouTube
Via | Siliconera


Monday, June 26, 2017

CORSAIR Unveils Concept Curve, Concept Slate, SYNC IT and Host of New Liquid Cooling Options at COMPUTEX 2017

12:24 PM
943A6740.jpg (640×427)

CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, high-performance gaming hardware and PC components has revealed two amazing concept PC systems and a range of innovative new technologies at COMPUTEX 2017, leading the way for the next generation of CORSAIR products. Unveiling Concept Slate, Concept Curve and a host of new RGB lighting and liquid cooling demos on its suite at The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, CORSAIR continues more than 20 years of innovation for PC builders, gamers and enthusiasts, helping them build their PC’s better.

Concept Curve

943A6932.jpg (640×427)

Concept Curve re-imagines the iconic CORSAIR Graphite 780T in stunning hand-finished carbon fiber and beautiful curved tempered glass, with a dynamic automotive look trimmed in orange and finished with mesmerizing prototype RGB fans.

943A6969.jpg (640×427)

Multiple pieces of curved tempered glass encase Concept Curve, offering unimpeded visuals of the stunning liquid-cooled system within. Redefining the use of luxury materials in a PC, Concept Curve has the looks, finish and feel to match the most outlandish of super cars.

Concept Slate

943A6744.jpg (640×427)

Concept Slate is the future of the super-tower PC, designed for maximum system support and clad in stark sheets of smoked tempered glass, it represents the peak of what’s possible with a performance PC.

943A6877.jpg (640×427)

Boasting massive water-cooling and dual-system hardware support, Concept Slate’s radically designed interior makes building and displaying the world’s most powerful PCs easier than ever, all with the best in fan and RGB lighting control built it. Boasting not one, but two fully water-cooled systems within its monolithic frame, Concept Slate is epic in design, scale and ability.


943A6733.jpg (640×427)

Alongside Concept Slate and Concept Curve, CORSAIR is proud to unveil SYNC IT, a COMPUTEX exclusive demo unifying DIY, peripheral and motherboard RGB lighting for complete RGB synchronization. For the first time, users can coordinate RGB lighting between CORSAIR RGB case fans, Hydro Series CPU coolers, light strips, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, headsets, and with the help and support of MSI, select motherboards. Synchronize every component’s lighting with just one click in just one piece of software, or watch as dazzling reactive lighting effects spread and flash from keyboard to mouse, system fans and even the MSI motherboard. RGB will never be the same.

New Liquid Cooling Options

943A6716.jpg (640×427)

CORSAIR has been at the heart of enthusiast liquid cooling for years, and COMPUTEX 2017 offers a glimpse into the future with the unveiling of two revolutionary new advances. New prototype RGB Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers push style, performance and finish to the next level, combining a sandblasted aluminum pump head with beautiful 360° RGB lighting, magnetic levitation fans and a quieter, more efficient pump.

For those who strive for the absolute best in liquid cooling, CORSAIR is also proud to unveil its new performance custom liquid cooling water blocks, fittings and radiators. Cooling the CPUs and graphics cards of both Concept Slate and Concept Curve, the stunning nickel and copper water-cooling blocks, chromed fittings and efficient radiators are the first look at CORSAIR’s upcoming custom liquid cooling line-up, carrying the trademark CORSAIR commitment to quality, design and performance.

Transcend Targets PlayStation 4 Enthusiasts With Free SSD Installation Support

8:24 AM
hexmojo-transcend-playstation-4-sdd.jpg (640×346)

Want to unleash performance of your Playstation 4 to have your games to load faster and play more smoothly than ever before? Then, it may be time for a faster SSD in your PS4. Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to offer PS4 compatible SSDs and free installation service in selected Playstation stores. You can optimize the speed and reliability of your system with Transcend’s SSD for your PS4 at ease now.

As SSDs are much faster than conventional mechanical hard drives, they have the potential to massively reduce load times in games. Sony has always made it easy to replace your hard drive in your PS4, so users have the opportunity to upgrade the system's built-in hard drive for faster variants. In a recent comparison review conducted by B2G, with the original HDD, a full boot up took the PS4 about 24 seconds to get to the Playstation Dynamic Menu screen. With a Transcend SSD220S, it took just 19 seconds. What’s more, the SSD upgrade significantly had the loading time of a save file from Final Fantasy VX Digital improved by nearly 3.55x and that means you can jump into the action as quickly as possible.  

Although Sony offers information on upgrading the hard drive on their official website, you may feel more comfortable to have technical support with the installation. The good news is, when purchase any Transcend’s SSDs at the selected Playstation stores, you can get the free installation service to get the job down properly.

The selected Playstation stores include:
a. i.Tech - SM North EDSA
b. i.Tech - SM City BF Parañaque
c. i.Tech - Glorietta 4
d. Game One - 3/F VMALL, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave

e. i.Tech - SM Seaside City Cebu.

Friday, June 23, 2017

ASUS Unveils the ROG Zephyrus; Redefines Slim Gaming Laptops

2:41 PM
hexmojo-asus-zephyrus-ph.jpg (640×361)

Gaming and portability doesn’t usually come together. At least, that’s our belief when it comes to our market since we prefer playing games at its ideal, intended form – on the desktop. While, yes, gaming laptops did try to bridge the terms, but they still have not lived up to our expectations. Heck, you’ll still suffer back pains if you did try that, and we don’t really recommend that. However, with NVIDIA’s new Max-Q standard, ASUS crafts a super classy and thin laptop that’s equipped with a GeForce GTX 1080. Enter Zephyrus.

hexmojo-asus-zephyrus-ph-4.png (640×363)

First out of COMPUTEX, ASUS ROG’s Zephyrus is a breakthrough in design innovation with its ultra-slim profile with 16.9mm at its thinnest point. Think about that. What’s it packing, you ask? For starters, it comes with an i7-7700HQ, that super sweet GTX 1080, a 15.6 FHD 120Hz G-SYNC display, up to 24GB of DDR4 memory and 1TB of M.2 storage.

hexmojo-asus-zephyrus-ph-5.png (640×363)

Oooh boy it does not end there. ASUS is also equipping the Zephyrus with an AURA RGB-enabled keyboard that comes with 30-key rollover and integrates a 10-key function that you can activate with a hotkey. Definitely something you’d want for tight gaming sessions and RGB needs.

hexmojo-asus-zephyrus-ph-3.png (640×363)

ASUS also designs the Zephyrus with its exclusive Active Aerodynamic System, which incorporates the unique AeroAccelerator technology for superb speed and efficiency of airflow. The fan’s 3D-curved surface cover and accelerator guides enhance airflow and move heat away from the components more efficiently. When Zephyrus is opened, a portion of the bottom of the chassis flexes to increase the airflow volume by 20 percent and further increase air circulation. AAS maximizes system stability as well as gaming and thermal performance, and it allows full utilization of the CPU and GPU, so gamers can engage in marathon sessions without fear of interruption.

hexmojo-asus-zephyrus-ph-2.jpg (640×361)

When it comes to the price, the Zephyrus will start at Php149,995 for the GTX 1070 variant and will shoot up to 179,995 for the GTX 1080 master race. That’s relatively more affordable than other gaming laptops that can cost you an arm and a leg, or a car if you would.

ASUS ROG GX501 Zephyrus Specifications
Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ
Operating system
Windows 10 Home
15.6” Full HD (1920 x 1080) wide-view panel with anti-glare
120Hz refresh rate with NVIDIA G-SYNC™
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB DDR5X or GTX1070 8GB DDR5
Intel® HM175
Memory &
DDR4 2400MHz (up to 24GB)
M.2 PCIe® x4 256/512GB/1TB  SSD
802.11ac Wi-Fi
1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C™ with Thunderbolt™ 3
4 x USB 3.1
1 x HDMI 2.0
1 x 3.5mm headphone and mic combo jack
Built-in HD camera and array mic
ASUS Aura RGB backlit chiclet keyboard with 30-key rollover; 1.4mm key travel
4 cell, 50Wh
37.9 x 26.2 x 1.69cm (W x D x H)
2.2 kg (with battery)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Apacer's AH190 Eliminates iOS Storage Problems in a Jiffy

2:18 PM

Whenever we purchase Apple’s products, especially iPhones and iPads, we usually frown upon the larger storage versions since the price skyrockets as the space increases. Typical Apple. At this point, we’re stuck with either the base version or one step higher, but that’s just very limiting considering that we have too much data that we take with us, not to mention the amount of photos and videos we capture as we go.

Thankfully, Apacer’s AH190 presents itself as a great solution. It’s a storage booster for iOS devices, and is Apple MFi certified. It even comes with a Lightning and a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A ports so you can still use it on other devices.

The AH190 features 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB of storage space. Once you plug it in your iOS device, you’ll be asked to install the Apacer iFileBridge app for managing your files. And for other devices, it’s just a straightforward affair. Now, the AH190 is quite small that it can fit in anywhere. And with that said, you may want to be careful where you place it. You don’t want to lose it.

The Apacer AH190 is now readily available from Lazada, so get yours if you find yourself scratching your heads what you should delete just to free up your iPhone’s storage space.

Team Group Creates Colorful Experience with Dazzling T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK RGB Memory

10:43 AM
hexmojo-teamgroup.png (428×232)

Since the release of the T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK from Team Group, it has achieved repeated successes by winning multiple awards including the Golden Pin Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Award and the COMPUTEX d&i Award. Inspired by new creative concepts, the design team has created the NIGHT HAWK RGB luminous memory module which features heat spreaders in black and white color options. Whether it’s the mysterious black night hawk or the pure white snow hawk, they are both kings at pursuing top speed. Their hawk-eyes glitter sharply with colorful lights that go beyond the competition.

hexmojo-teamgroup-2.jpg (320×320)

NIGHT HAWK RGB inherits the unique hawk-eyes design from the original NIGHT HAWK and adds a battle totem line that shines as bright as the sun around the hawk-eyes. In addition, it uses a state-of-the-art extrusion process along with high-precision CNC machining to finely create a symmetric heat spreader inspired by hawk wings. Once installed on a motherboard, the sharp hawk-eyes start to shine brightly. NIGHT HAWK RGB has synchronized changeable lighting effects with a wide color spectrum, sending dazzling bright lights through the unique design of the hawk-eyes light panel. After it is installed and powered on, you can immediately feel the force of the built in flowing water lighting effect. Moreover, users can synchronize the lighting effect with the system through built-in motherboard software like ASUS Aura Sync. They can also match the design according to personal preferences, so the eye-catching, creative style can be displayed. It is definitely the top choice for modders or users who love RGB gaming style.

hexmojo-teamgroup-3.png (458×183)

Using the latest JEDEC RC 2.0 PCB design, the transmitting signal efficiency is increased by 35% compared to traditional memory modules. NIGHT HAWK RGB is a dazzling overclocking memory module that offers players the ultimate experience in overclocking. The low working voltage is not only energy-efficient but it also reduces the temperature, enhancing energy saving performance by 40%. This allows for memory durability at high speeds and sustained long-time operation. Intel XMP 2.0 is also supported so users can experience high-speed memory with only one click. In addition, multiple compatibility verifications have been completed on mainstream DDR4 motherboards to make sure its stability with all motherboards on the QVL (Qualified Vendor List). Consumers can feel safe to experience the most trendy, cool and attractive RGB colorful effect.

hexmojo-teamgroup-5.png (400×165)

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