Friday, October 20, 2017

PlayStation Prepares Explosive Line Up at ESGS 2017

1:22 PM
esgs-ps-soa.jpg (640×360)

Sony Interactive Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) returns to the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) Philippines for the third time with its largest line-up of games ever. The event, happening from October 27 to 29 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, gives PlayStation fans and gamers the chance to experience a selection of some of the most awaited PS4™ and PlayStation VR games.

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This time around, Sony is bringing in 12 games with playable demos that will surely excite hardcore Filipino gamers and PlayStation fans. Headlining the list is Call of Duty: WWII, a game that will make its regional hands-on demo debut at the event. Fans get the chance to try the franchise’s latest multiplayer demo before November 3 release.

ps-esgs-gts.jpg (640×360)

Other PS4 games that will be showcased at the event are Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Dragon Ball FighterZ, The Evil Within 2, Gran Turismo Sport, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, NBA 2K18, and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

dbz-esgs.jpg (640×360)

Attendees will also get to try 4 PlayStation VR titles including Bravo Team, Inpatient, Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, and No Heroes Allowed!. Event visitors are set to have an enjoyable and immersive video gaming experience that’s unique to PlayStation gaming.

Tickets for ESGS are now available at all SM Ticket Outlets.

COLORFUL Officially Unveils the iGame Z370 Vulcan X

9:46 AM
image5.jpg (640×427)

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, is proud to announce the arrival of its latest high-end motherboard: the iGame Z370 Vulcan X. The iGame series represents COLORFUL’s flagship performance and gaming segment and the new generation of Z370 motherboards will be heralded by the new flagship iGame Z370 Vulcan X.

The iGame Z370 Vulcan X will be available October 18th in South Korea.

image2.jpg (640×480)

COLORFUL has made great strides in this new generation of iGame motherboards with the iGame Z370 Vulcan X utilizing a new color theme, going for a black and gray motif with metal textures to give it that striking aesthetic appeal. Improving on the previous generation also is the addition of full RGB lighting on the motherboard. Extended features on various models will also include GamerVoice 2.0 light effect interaction and smart temperature-based lighting.

image3.jpg (640×426)

The iGame Z370 Vulcan X motherboard is equipped with three PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots that support Crossfire technology for multi-GPU gaming. Expanding on storage performance features, the motherboard is equipped with two M.2 slots and support Intel Optane memory. The motherboard comes with a metal cooling shroud for one of the M.2 slots for optimal performance. M.2 SSDs can deliver excellent performance with the motherboard supporting up to 32Gb/s transfer speeds.

image4.jpg (640×426)

COLORFUL has refined its power supply design on the new iGame Z370 Vulcan X with the exclusive IPP (iGame Pure Power) technology. The new motherboard features a 14-phase VRM all of which are utilizing COLORFUL’s IPP technology which effectively reduces ripple and improves operating temperatures versus traditional components. This improves system stability and lengthens service life even under extreme loads for extended periods of usage thanks to the Sanyo tantalum capacitors.

image6.jpg (640×427)

GamerVoice 2.0 delivers great gaming audio with a dedicated sound card chip for the best audio reproduction from COLORFUL. Professional grade audio capacitors and op-amps deliver excellent audio with user-customizable op-amp options. Complimenting these are NICHICON audio capacitors, Faraday shield cover and a customizable LED lighting system all shielded from the rest of the board. The GamerVoice 2.0 audio system on the iGame Z370 Vulcan X can drive up to 600ohm headphones with up to 120dB SNR high-def audio for crystal clear details.

IMG-1.jpg (640×426)

E-Sports peripherals can take advantage of the special Fintek F75503 and Fintek F75501 chips installed onboard dedicated for eSports peripherals to give them the best connectivity on the motherboard. These dedicated eSports ports allow high-speed, low-latency connection for your peripherals for the best responsiveness and smoothness while in gaming.

The iGame Z370 Vulcan X utilizes a debug display monitor that not only displays error codes but also displays motherboard temperature, voltage and other system conditions.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Gets Release Date on Steam

10:06 AM
hexmojo-star-ocean-4-pc.jpg (640×360)

Square Enix isn’t finished in bringing more titles to the PC, even when they’re not all good games. But it doesn’t matter. At least such titles will head out from exclusivity and those who opted out of consoles will be able to play them for good, and their definitive edition, too! Now, as far as ports are going, Square Enix’s “Star Ocean: The Last Hope” now has a release date on Steam!

hexmojo-star-ocean-4-pc-2.jpg (640×360)

hexmojo-star-ocean-4-pc-3.jpg (640×360)

hexmojo-star-ocean-4-pc-1.jpg (640×360)

Mark your calendars, everyone! November 29, 2017 is the date to remember. That is, if you’re hyped up about Star Ocean coming to the PC officially. Sad to say that it’s one of the worst titles in the series, so don’t expect a lot other than 4K graphics.

hexmojo-star-ocean-4-pc-4.jpg (640×360)

We still have mixed feelings about the franchise because of the major plot twist reveal in Till the End of Time, and then it’s followed by titles plagued with terrible voice acting and storylines that could be a whole lot better.

About Star Ocean: The Last Hope:

Earth has been decimated by World War III and now humanity must turn to the stars in search of a new home. Explore the galaxy on your quest, make allies and enemies among the alien races you encounter and uncover a danger so great that it threatens all of creation.

NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle and a Comprehensive Graphics & Performance Guide

9:41 AM
hexmojo-destiny-2-nvidia-4k-gameplay.png (640×358)

The Destiny franchise is coming to PC for the first time in history on October 24, 2017 with the upcoming release of Destiny 2, and NVIDIA has been partnering with Bungie and Activision on Destiny 2 to make the PC version of the game awesome. 

In anticipation of the launch, NVIDIA is offering a new chance at its GeForce GTX Destiny 2 bundle along with its comprehensive Graphics and Performance Guide.

Buy GeForce, Get Destiny 2
NVIDIA is relaunching its GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle. When gamers purchase a select GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or GeForce GTX 1080-based graphics card, system, or laptop, they will receive Destiny 2 at PC Launch. The bundle runs until November 29, 2017.

New 4K Video Shows Destiny 2 PC Action
Gamers can check out the PC version of Destiny 2 in a newly-released 4K video.

Are You Game Ready for Destiny 2?

The GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle is designed to get GeForce gamers game ready for the Destiny 2 launch, and gamers can check their readiness in the Destiny 2 Graphics & Performance Guide on

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kingston Technology Celebrates 30 Years Supplying the World with Quality Technology Solutions

3:12 PM
Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory storage products and technology solutions, announces today that it celebrates its 30th year in the business as an innovative technology hardware provider for computers and devices. Kingston® was co-founded on October 17, 1987, by CEO John Tu and COO David Sun. The two co-founders continue to guide the company and remain very active in day-to-day operations.

The entrepreneurial spirit of both owners and the success of the company have been recognized globally through the years. Kingston’s core tenets of respect, loyalty, flexibility and integrity have created an exemplary corporate culture — one that guides its relationships with customers, partners and vendors, and to which Kingston owes its success. The company continues to be the largest supplier of DRAM modules among non-semiconductor manufacturers and a leading maker of Flash memory products — especially SSDs — where it has become a dominant force among consumers and organizations alike looking to upgrade existing systems and data centers. A video celebrating 30 years can be found here.

Kingston manufactured just one product when it started in 1987 and has steadily and strategically evolved as a company by controlling as much of the production cycle as possible — from initial wafer processing through finished product — for both DRAM and Flash. The company has done this through expansion, strategic investments, partnerships and adapting to industry needs as early as possible.

Seeing SSDs as the future for hard drives in both client PCs and data centers, the company began offering SSD products in 2009 and last year analyst firm Forward Insights cited Kingston as the second-largest supplier of SSDs in the channel. The company also saw the growing demand for smart phones, tablets, IoT-based devices and wearables. In 2010, it formed Kingston Solutions, Inc. (KSI), which manufactures embedded memory products (single-chip storage and controller solutions) that go into lighter and thinner everyday consumer devices. Today, KSI is the leader in embedded solutions for second-tier smart phone manufacturers.

The product portfolio has further expanded in recent years to headsets, keyboards, mice and mouse pads via its HyperX™ gaming brand, and the innovative products have rapidly gained accolades and acceptance among professional gamers and pro sports athletes. It took only two years for HyperX to ship its 1-millionth gaming headset. Today, Kingston through all its brands and product categories offers over 2,000 quality technology solutions and ships to more than 120 countries. It is a widely recognized and accepted brand known the world over.

“David (Sun) and I were almost broke when we started this little company 30 years ago and there weren’t that many people doing what we did outside of the big PC makers,” said John Tu, CEO and co-founder, Kingston. “We had no idea how it would turn out but due to lots of luck and people whom we previously worked with who liked and helped us, we were able to slowly grow and build up a successful organization. I feel very blessed and fortunate every day I come into the office.”

“Our good fortune as a company is due to the hard work of our employees and the respect we have for each other. When John (Tu) and I started this company, we wanted everyone who worked here to feel like they are part of a family,” said David Sun, COO and co-founder, Kingston. “Our philosophy for the last 30 years has been, ‘If we take care of our employees and vendors, they will take care of our customers.’ This has not changed and none of Kingston’s success happens without family.”            

From 1987 to Today: The Growth of Kingston
1987: Kingston begins operations in Orange County, Calif., with a new Single In-Line Memory Module (SIMM) that creates an industry standard for memory modules.

1992: Kingston is ranked by Inc. magazine as the fastest-growing privately held company in America.

1995: Kingston opens its first overseas office in Munich, Germany to better provide support to its European customers.

1995: Kingston joins the Billion-Dollar Club as sales exceed $1.3 billion (USD).

1996: Kingston and Toshiba co-Market memory upgrades for Toshiba PCs. This is the first time ever that a PC OEM and a memory manufacturer teamup.

1997: Kingston expands its global footprint as it establishes the headquarters for Asia-Pacific operations including a manufacturing facility and offices in Taiwan. Kingston also opens its first office to serve South American customers in Brazil. Its European headquarters move to the United Kingdom and a manufacturing/logistics facility in Dublin, Ireland is opened.

1997: Kingston Technology Services Division (KTSD) is formed to exclusively work and manufacture memory solutions directly for OEM customers such as Dell.

1999: Kingston purchases a controlling interest in Powertech Technology, Inc., now the world’s largest back end wafer and chip packaging and testing facility for both DRAM and Flash. The purchase further strengthens Kingston’s ability to control all facets of the memory-manufacturing cycle from wafer to finished good.

1999: Kingston strategically opens its Mexico office to support a growing region.

2000: Advanced Validation Labs, Inc. (AVL) is launched as an independent memory testing and validation lab. Its “one-stop shop” services cover component level to module testing to support the entire memory industry. 

2000: Payton Technology Inc. is established to help manage Kingston’s memory supply chain as well as supply back end wafer processing services making the company more efficient in delivering memory solutions to its rapidly expanding client base.

2001: Kingston begins assembling memory modules in Shanghai, China.

2002: HyperX begins with its first product, high-performance memory modules.

2003: Kingston begins shipping Flash memory products.

2004: iSuppli (now IHS Markit®) ranks Kingston as the world’s No. 1 memory module manufacturer for the third-party memory market, a streak that has continued each year to date uninterrupted.

2005: Kingston opens the world’s largest memory module manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

2006: Kingston revenue reaches $3 billion (USD).

2009: Kingston’s Asia-Pacific region reaches the $1 billion (USD) mark in sales for the first time.

2010: Kingston and Phison Electronics Corporation form Kingston Solutions, Inc., a joint venture manufacturing embedded memory products for the emerging mobile industry.

2010: Kingston revenue reaches a new record high of $6.5 billion (USD).

2013: Gartner Research ranks Kingston as the No. 1 USB manufacturer for the 6th straight year.

2013: Kingston ships the world’s largest and first 1TB USB Flash drive.

2014: HyperX launches its first gaming headset.

2016: HyperX sells its 1-millionth headset.

2017: Kingston ships the world’s largest and first 2TB USB Flash drive.

2017: Kingston ships the second-most SSDs in the channel in 2016 according to Forward Insights.

2017: Kingston celebrates its 30th anniversary on October 17.

Transcend Bags the Good Design Award 2017

1:30 PM
Transcend_2017+Good+Design_CM42.jpg (400×400)

Transcend Information, Inc., a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, has announced that its M.2 SSD Enclosure kit CM42 has won the “Good Design Award 2017” for top-quality, groundbreaking design. The Good Design Award is one of the world's most prestigious design competitions. Over 4,495 entries were submitted from all over the world this year.

In its comments, the Good Design Award jury offered the following praise:
“Transcend’s CM42 M.2 SSD enclosure kit offers users a smart reuse solution for their M.2 SATA SSDs that are no longer used in PCs. The removed M.2 SSD can turn into a portable drive with Transcend’s M.2 SSD enclosure kit in a quick and easy way. In addition to its sleek design, the M.2 SSD enclosure kit also features latest high speed interface which enhance its performance.”

CM42 M.2 SSD Enclosure Kit
Transcend’s CM42 M.2 SSD enclosure is designed specifically for M.2 SATA SSDs. Users can transform an M.2 SATA SSD into a portable USB 3.1 Gen 1 external drive to extend the useful life of their drives. Transcend's M.2 SSD enclosure features a lightweight aluminum construction, making it both portable and durable. To accommodate devices with different USB ports, the M.2 SSD enclosure is engineered to convert to a USB Type-C port, allowing it to be used across platforms with either USB Type-A or Type-C ports. The M.2 SSD enclosure also features the USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface with UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol), which enables faster transfers.

With years of technical experience and expertise, Transcend has received many prestigious design awards, including Germany's iF and Red Dot awards, and Taiwan's Excellence award. Over the past three years, Transcend’s JetDrive Lite expansion cards, DrivePro 520, and DrivePro 50 dashcams were honored with a Good Design Award.

About the Good Design Award

The Good Design Selection System (or G Mark System), precursor to the Good Design Award, was created in 1957 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Submissions come from a wide range of fields, and roughly 1,200 designs are recognized every year. Over the past 60 years, around 44,000 designs have been granted an award. Recipients of a Good Design Award may display the G Mark symbol, emblematic of good design for over half a century.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nokia 3310 3G Goes Live in the Philippines for P2,790

6:46 AM
Nokia_3310_range.jpg (400×400)

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announced the local availability of the highly anticipated Nokia 3310 3G with fresh new colors and a new user interface. This 3G-enabled modern classic which boasts an amazing 24-day standby time is now available nationwide at a suggested retail price of P2,790.

Nokia_3310_3G.png (400×400)

Combining the talk and text appeal of the current model with 3G data connection and dual-SIM capability, the retro user interface has been improved to deliver an enhanced and customizable experience, meaning you can now change the icon colors and position to ensure your favorite functions are exactly where you want them to be.

Nokia_3310_3G_Charcoal_front.png (320×320)

The Nokia 3310 3G is available in four distinctive colors – the ever popular Warm Red, Yellow, Charcoal and Azure, all with a matte finish and new silver keypads.

Nokia_3310_3G_Azure_front.png (320×320)

Key Specifications

Dual-band 900/1800MHz +3G Band I, VIII
Software platform
Feature OS

2.4’’ QVGA (240*320)
SIM card (Dual)
Micro USB, 3.5mm AV connector,
Bluetooth 2.1
2-megapixel camera with LED flash
microSD card support up to 32GB[1]
Operating times
Standby time: up to 24 days
Talk time: up to 6.5 hours
MP3 playback: up to 40 hours
FM radio playback: up to 35 hours
BL-4UL (1200 mAh)[2]

[1] Memory card sold separately.
[2] Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capacity reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced.

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