Friday, September 8, 2017

Skyrim Goes Free for the Weekend, Tyranny on Sale, and up to 80% on Focus Home Interactive Games

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We like to check out Steam during Fridays, and we do it religiously just to check out if there are games on the cheap to add to our already massive backlog. And what’s on our watch now will probably be up to par with your standards. Check them out.

You can play Bethesda’s Skyrim Special Edition for free, but only for the weekend. And if you don’t want to put that good ol’ data to waste, it’s also on sale at 50% off. Tyranny, a critically acclaimed indie game by Obsidian Entertainment is also on sale for half off. Both are great deals going at Php922 and Php559 respectively.

The house of Focus Home Interactive is also doing a huge sale on their entire catalogue, with discounts going up to 80%. Titles such as Styx, The Surge, The Technomancer, Spacehulk Deathwing and Vampyr are games to look out for in their list.

Whelp, good luck with your backlog. Again.

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