Wednesday, February 7, 2018

MSI Announces Chinese New Year Promotion for Gaming Laptops

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MSI, one of the leading gaming laptop brands in the country, has released its Chinese New Year Promotion that will give you good luck in gaming.

In celebration of the coming holiday, MSI will be giving away discounts and freebies on select MSI gaming notebooks this coming 8th of February and will run until 18th of the same month, 2018. Some of the models in the promotion will include top-tier series such as GT Series, Raider Series, and GE Camo Squad Edition Series.

These power house series of MSI Gaming will surely give you good luck in gaming with specs ranging from GPUs of GTX1050 Ti up to GTX 1080, RAMs of up to 32GB and memory of up to 2 TB. Considering the aesthetics of these series is a bonus. Now, how’s that for a powerful gaming gear?

To know more about these powerhouse series and its features, check the links below.

GT-01.jpg (228×320) GS63-01.jpg (228×320) GE62Camo-01.jpg (228×320)
Knowing that E-sports is now a thing and booming, a good investment in your gaming gadget wouldn’t do you harm; especially a gaming laptop that would help you play whenever and wherever you like.  But how would you know which laptop to invest in?

MSI’s Chinese New Year Promotion is a perfect chance and time to get your own gaming laptop. To help you choose the specific model that will suit your preference and/or budget as of the moment, here’s the list of participating MSI Laptops in the promotion.

Front.jpg (1131×1600)

Back.jpg (1131×1600)

A powerful laptop, good aesthetics and unique features; Now, these will surely give you good luck in your game.

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