Ambi Climate Introduces New Way to Control Air Conditioners Using Siri

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Ambi Climate, the world’s first AI-enhanced air conditioner controller created by HK-based IoT startup, Ambi Labs, is now integrated with Siri Shortcuts. The new integration enables Apple users to control their air conditioners or heat pumps with personalized voice commands using the popular iOS voice assistant, Siri. It also means that Ambi Climate is now compatible with the three leading voice assistants on the market, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

With the capabilities of Apple iOS 12, Ambi Climate offers three ready-to-use shortcuts: “Set Comfort Mode” which turns on the air conditioner; “Set Off Mode” which turns off the air conditioner; and providing comfort feedbacks (”A Bit Cold”, “A Bit Warm” and “Comfy”) that auto-adjust settings. Unlike other smart speaker solutions, Siri Shortcut also allows users to record customized voice phrases and voice control their air conditioners at any time from anywhere via Internet accessibility - not just from the home. 

Siri Shortcut integration has further elevated Ambi Climate as a paradigm-changing smart home device that provides users with effortless yet advanced access to personalized comfort and energy sustainability. 

“Ambi Climate has undoubtedly succeeded in redefining AC usage from something that focuses on temperature alone, to being a balanced system of carefully considered comfort,” said Ambi Labs CEO, Julian Lee. “By adding Siri Shortcut to our growing list of features, we have increased convenience even further, allowing all users to seamlessly integrate intuitive voice-controlled comfort features into their everyday routine.”

Available on iOS 12 or later, Siri Shortcuts is activated from the Siri & Search option in iPhone/iPad settings or through the Shortcuts app. Users will need to upgrade their Ambi Climate app to version 2.5.0. or later. 

Recommended Price: US$129
Available at selected local retailers and worldwide on 
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