Razer Finally Drops the Axe on OUYA

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When Razer acquired OUYA back in 2015 to pave its way for its plans in dominating the living room space and push for its very own Android-based console, the Forge TV. Razer had left out the hardware portion of the business. Now, it seems the company is planning to shut down the service for good.

Razer has recently announced that it is shutting down OUYA’s remaining services including the storefront, which will take place on the 25th of June this year. Those who happen to still own an OUYA console or at least Razer’s forge TV will be able to download games from there.

However, it’s important to note that some games may not be able to function after D-Day, as online check-in services may be required to play the titles that require it. All may not be lost as Razer does advise users to contact the game developer for confirmation.

While Razer will also stop selling the Forge TV, it’s a good thing to note that it can still use the Google Play Store to download games. Furthermore, the OUYA still isn’t exactly dead, it being powered with Android. You may only be limited to some apps, but at least sideloading them isn’t out of the question.

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