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COLORFUL Adds NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti & RTX 2080 Into AD Series

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Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and high-performance storage solutions, adds two new cards into its AD series, which were named as iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Advanced OC and iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Advanced OC.

The new NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX GPUs have reinvented graphics and set a new bar for performance. Powered by the new NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture and the revolutionary NVIDIA RTX platform, the new graphics cards bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. This is not only a whole new way to experience games — this is the ultimate PC gaming experience.

The new GPUs were unveiled at a special NVIDIA two-day event called the “GeForce Gaming Celebration” which kicked off on August 20th at the Palladium in Cologne, Germany ahead of Gamescom 2018.         

iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Advanced OC features Turing architecture and TU102  GPU. The 8 (11 for RTX 2080 Ti) GB GDDR6X memory is running with 448 GB/S memory bandwidth. This card features 8+2 (13+3 for RTX 2080 Ti) phase digital power supply via I.P.P (iGame Pure Power) and is equipped with Silver Sharp cooler as well as 16,8 million colors RGB lights on it. Customers can adjust its RGB lights via iGame ZoneII that can be downloaded from Colorful official website.

Colorful upgrades Advanced armour this time for GeForce RTX 2080Ti and RTX 2080 AD series with alloy casting technics to make it harder and seem more technical.

For the cooling solution, Colorful takes vacuum copper plate for new AD series. The vacuum copper plate, highlights this release, is filled into cooling liquid and copper power to its vacuum space. This design is totally helpful for GPU heat sinking. Compared with normal copper plate, vacuum copper plate can do better to promote the heat loss. 

iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Advanced OC and iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Advanced OC are going to be the good choice for high-end customers.

NVIDIA Brings Real-Time Ray Tracing to Gamers with GeForce RTX

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NVIDIA today unveiled the GeForce RTX™ series, the first gaming GPUs based on the new NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and the NVIDIA RTX™ platform, which fuses next-generation shaders with real-time ray tracing and all-new AI capabilities. 

This new hybrid graphics capability represents the biggest generational leap ever in gaming GPUs. Turing – which delivers 6x more performance than its predecessor, Pascal™ – redefines the PC as the ultimate gaming platform, with new features and technologies that deliver 4K HDR gaming at 60 frames per second on even the most advanced titles. 

“Turing opens up a new golden age of gaming, with realism only possible with ray tracing, which most people thought was still a decade away,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, speaking before Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming expo. “The breakthrough is a hybrid rendering model that boosts today’s computer graphics with the addition of lightning-fast ray tracing acceleration and AI. RTX is going to define a new look for computer graphics. Once you see an RTX game, you can’t go back.”

GeForce RTX — New Family of Gaming GPUs
The new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070 GPUs are packed with features never before seen in a gaming GPU, including:

 • New RT Cores to enable real-time ray tracing of objects and environments with physically accurate shadows, reflections, refractions, and global illumination.
• Turing Tensor Cores to perform lightning-fast deep neural network processing.
• New NGX neural graphics framework integrates AI into the overall graphics pipeline, enabling AI algorithms to perform amazing image enhancement and generation.
• New Turing shader architecture with Variable Rate Shading allows shaders to focus processing power on areas of rich detail, boosting overall performance.
• New memory system featuring ultra-fast GDDR6 with over 600GB/s of memory bandwidth for high-speed, high-resolution gaming.
• NVIDIA NVLink®, a high-speed interconnect that provides higher bandwidth (up to 100 GB/s) and improved scalability for multi-GPU configurations (SLI). • Hardware support for USB Type-C™ and VirtualLink™(1), a new open industry standard being developed to meet the power, display and bandwidth demands of next generation VR headsets through a single USB-C™ connector. • New and enhanced technologies to improve performance of VR applications, including Variable Rate Shading, Multi-View Rendering and VRWorks Audio. 

Designed by NVIDIA for Gamers 
NVIDIA is releasing special Founders Edition versions of the new GeForce RTX GPUs. Designed
and built to the company’s high standards, the GPUs’ key features include:

• Factory-overclocked design out of the box, with a next-gen 13-phase iMON DrMOS power supply and sub-millisecond power management for maximum overclocking.
• Dual 13-blade axial fans produce 3x higher airflow and ultra-quiet acoustics.
• Forged and machine-finished diecast aluminum cover with diamond-cut edge detailing provides a rigid, lightweight frame for an open design with beautifully smooth, continuous curves.
• First full-card vapour chamber, which is 2x larger to maximize heat spreading and heat transfer to the finstack.
• Enhanced DisplayPort 1.4a with DSC allows a single connector to drive an 8K monitor at

Industry-Wide Support for GeForce RTX
The world’s top game publishers, developers and engine creators have announced support for the NVIDIA RTX platform to bring the holy grail of real-time ray tracing and the power of AI to gamers everywhere. They include Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, Control, and Assetto Corsa Competizione. Developers include EA, Square Enix, EPIC Games, and more.

The NVIDIA RTX platform has quickly emerged as the industry standard for real-time ray tracing and artificial intelligence in games. 

The RTX platform is also being adopted by a large number of developers of professional rendering applications, including Adobe, Autodesk and Pixar.

Starting at US$499, Pre-Orders Today, Availability Sept. 20 
Starting at US$499, GeForce RTX graphics cards, including the NVIDIA Founders Edition, will be available worldwide, across 238 countries and territories. They will be sold by partners including ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, PNY, and Zotac. 

Pre-orders on and at over 100 participating partners starts today for GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and GeForce RTX 2080, with availability starting on September 20. GeForce RTX 2070 will be available in October.

(1) In preparation for the emerging VirtualLink standard, Turing GPUs have implemented hardware support according to the “VirtualLink Advance Overview.” To learn more about VirtualLink, see

HyperX Expands Predator DDR4 RGB and Predator DDR4 Lineup

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HyperX®, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, today announced the expansion of its Predator DDR4 RGB and Predator DDR4 memory lineup. The Predator DDR4 RGB is now available in speeds up to 4000MHz and the HyperX Predator DDR4 memory now features expanded speed and capacities up to 128GB and frequencies up to 4133MHz.

HyperX memory is designed for PC builders, enthusiasts and system integrators that need fast, high density memory. The new Predator DDR4 RGB and Predator DDR4 meet the memory needs for gaming systems using the latest Intel or AMD processors. The memories feature Intel XMP-ready profiles optimized for increased performance.

HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB comes equipped with a LED light bar with fluid RGB lighting effects.1 The memory is compatible with lighting control software from a range of motherboard vendors ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and ASRock Polycom RGB. Additional information about software and motherboard compatibility is available online at respective partner websites.

HyperX Predator DDR4 delivers high frequency, low latency memory, available in 4GB–16GB single modules and in kits of two, four and eight with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities. All modules are 100-percent factory tested at speed and backed by a lifetime warranty. The dependable Predator DDR4 offers the best of both worlds with extreme performance and reliability.

“The expanded Predator DDR4 and Predator DDR4 RGB lineup caters to the next generation of PC enthusiasts looking for the best possible performance from their system,” said HyperX. “With over fifteen years of experience delivering gaming memory, HyperX quality FURY, Predator DIMMs or Impact SODIMMs memory is great for gamers building or upgrading their gaming PC and notebook.”

HyperX Predator DDR4 and HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB are now available through HyperX’s network of retail and e-tail outlets. For more information on HyperX DDR4 and global availability, please visit the HyperX Memory webpage.

HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB Specifications:
Capacities: 8GB (Singles), 16GB (kits of 2), 32GB (kits of 4) 
Frequencies: 2933MHz, 3200MHz, 3600MHz, 4000MHz
Latencies: CL15, CL16, CL17, CL19
Voltage: 1.35V
Operating: Temperatures 0°C to 70°C
Dimensions: 133.35mm x 42.2mm

HyperX Predator DDR4 Specifications:
Capacities: 8GB, 16GB (singles), 8GB, 16GB, 32GB (kits of 2), 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (kits of 4), 128GB (kits of 8)
Frequencies: 2400MHz, 2666MHz, 3000MHz, 3200MHz, 3333MHz, 3600MHz, 4000MHz, 4133MHz
Latencies: CL12, CL13, CL15, CL16, CL17, CL19
Voltage: 1.35V
Operating Temperatures: 0°C to 85°C
dimensions: 133.35mm x 42.2mm 

ViewSonic Launches New Curve Series for Gaming and Entertainment Odyssey

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ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual display solutions, announces the launch of VX58 curve series monitors. The series includes the following curve monitors in various sizes: 27-inch with 1080p resolution and a 32-in with 2K (WQHD) resolution for your gaming and entertainment needs. In addition to 1800R curve, all two models feature a 144Hz refresh rate* and are compatible with AMD FreeSync™ technology, delivering picture perfect images without lag. All monitors come with a 3-sided borderless design for vast viewing landscape.

Starting with VX2758-C-mh, it shares a captivating curved screen in 27-inch with stunning Full HD 1080p resolution, the monitor provides an incredible viewing experience for work or play. Designed with an 1800R curved screen, the monitor delivers the perfect balance of comfort and immersion. With features including a high 144Hz refresh rate* and AMD FreeSync™ technology, this monitor virtually eliminates screen lags for a fluid gaming experience. Wide colour gamut is in place for a wider coverage of colour, which translates to high colour accuracy for the viewers. This monitor comes equipped with ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewMode™ presets, providing optimized screen performance for all scenarios such as watching movies, editing files, or playing video games. At the same time, Flicker-Free and Blue Light Filter features help mitigate eyestrain from extended viewing periods. Lastly, dual HDMI ports and a VGA input offer flexible connectivity options for both general usage and entertainment.

VX3258-2KC-mhd rounds off the impressive product line with a 32-inch immersive curved screen and a stunning WQHD 2560 x 1440 resolution, 1800R curved screen that features wide gamut colour coverage, as well as dual stereo speakers - a perfect balance of comfort, colour and sound for complete viewer engagement. With features including a high 144Hz refresh rate* and AMD FreeSync™ technology, the monitor eradicates screen tearing and stuttering for a fluid gaming experience. To add, VX3258-2KC-mhd also has ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewMode™ presets embedded, which offer optimized screen performance for different applications such as movies, file editing, or gaming; while Flicker-Free and Blue Light Filter features help put an ease on eyestrain. Finally, two DisplayPort inputs and two HDMI inputs offer flexible connectivity for both general use and entertainment.

*144Hz refresh rate only available through HDMI

VX2758-C-mh will be available in August, 2018 at an estimated retail price of PHP22,500.
VX3258-2KC-mhd will be available in August, 2018 at an estimated retail price of PHP29,500.

For further news and information about ViewSonic, please visit and follow us on Facebook, YouTube. 

About ViewSonic
Founded in California in 1987, ViewSonic is a leading global provider of visual solution products. As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic keeps the world connected with a portfolio of professional level visual solutions that enhance the way we compute, collaborate, communicate and connect. Our products include LED monitors, interactive flat panel displays, projectors, thin client, zero client and smart displays. To find out more about ViewSonic, visit

Transcend Elevates Video Surveillance to New Level with DrivePro Body Series

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Transcend Information Inc., a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, proudly introduced the DrivePro Body series, which offers a full range of body camera models designed to improve evidence collection and enhance the accountability of military personnel, law enforcement officers and public security professionals.

Available in five variants to suit different surveillance applications, the DrivePro Body cameras are an essential piece of equipment for security and emergency situations that deliver clear, high-resolution images in varying lighting conditions, as well as a myriad of features in a rugged, durable and weather-resistant enclosure.

Feature-Packed Body Cameras
The DrivePro Body series features video recording in 1080p Full HD, live-streaming to iOS and Android devices through built-in Wi-Fi1, basic controls and mode switching over Bluetooth2, up to 160° field of view3 and f/2.0 aperture lens4, Sony's high-sensitivity image sensor and tempered glass with oleophobic coating5, as well as built-in Li-Polymer battery for up to 12 hours of recording on a single charge6.

Additional features, such as built-in GPS receiver7, pre-event buffering8, automatic infrared illumination9 and six-axis image stabilization10 are also available in selected models to capture critical details in the heat of the moment. The DrivePro Body 60 and DrivePro Body 52, on the other hand, comprised a main unit and a separate camera unit that can be securely mounted on uniforms, jackets or helmets.

Rugged and Resistant
Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the DrivePro Body cameras are ideal for outdoor recording. The DrivePro Body 60 and DrivePro Body 30, in particular, are IP67 rated by an independent laboratory to offer full protection against dust and immersion in water, and passed rigorous U.S. military drop-test standards for shock resistance.

Mobile and Desktop App
The DrivePro Body app allows users to adjust camera settings, access recorded footage and snapshots, and embed every recording and snapshot with a clearly visible user ID and timestamp on iOS and Android devices. The DrivePro Body Toolbox, on the other hand, is an exclusive software with a user-friendly interface for users to securely manage recorded videos and snapshots on Windows PCs. In addition, users can adjust settings for both the Toolbox and the DrivePro Body camera, format the internal storage, and upgrade the body camera's firmware via the Toolbox.

Multifunctional Accessories
Uniforms come in different forms and functions to suit their purposes. In addition to the body camera, Transcend also provides a wide range of bundled and optional accessories in the form of a 360° rotatable clip and a Velcro holder, a magnetic mount, a MOLLE mount, and a six-port docking station for simultaneous data transfer and charging.

Recommended Products
Transcend’s DrivePro Body series includes a full range of body camera models for different applications.

The DrivePro Body series of body cameras are backed by Transcend's Two-year Limited Warranty.

1 DrivePro Body 60 / 30 / 52 / 20 only
2 DrivePro Body 60 / 30 only
3 DrivePro Body 20 / 10 only
4 DrivePro Body 30 only
5 DrivePro Body 60 / 30 / 52 only
6 DrivePro Body 30 only, recording time may differ based on environmental conditions and operation settings (e.g. enabling infrared LEDs)
7 DrivePro Body 60 only
8 DrivePro Body 60 / 30 only
9 DrivePro Body 30 / 10 only
10 DrivePro Body 30 only
11 Tested under controlled laboratory conditions and given a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance may decrease as a result of normal wear. Product must be clean and dry before use. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.

Lian Li Fuse Classic Brushed Aluminum and Modern RGB Lighting with new LANCOOL ONE Chassis

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Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd., world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum chassis for enthusiasts, custom OEM/ODM case solutions and case accessories is pleased to announce the official launch of the LANCOOL ONE chassis. Featuring Lian Li’s signature brushed aluminum finish and quality combined with modern RGB lighting, the LANCOOL ONE brings a new twist to a classic Lian Li design. Debuted in the recent COMPUTEX 2018 expo, the LANCOOL ONE has already managed to wow consumers due to its unique design and incredible value offering.

Classic Look with Modern RGB

Nobody in the business does aluminum better than Lian Li and the LANCOOL ONE continues that legacy with its stylish aluminum front panel which exudes a timeless, elegant vibe but is given a modern touch with impressive RGB lighting. The RGB lighting serves as both an accent piece for the front panel as well an ambient lighting for the internal chamber giving it a two-in-one function that provides a lot of value. The LEDs also illuminate front fans directly so users not using RGB fans on the front can get the illusion of using RGB fans on the front thanks to the front panel lighting.

Lian Li has worked with all leading motherboard brands to provide the LANCOOL ONE with RGB sync support with most popular lighting control software like ASUS AURA Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, ASRock Polychrome and MSI Mystic Light.

Optimized Airflow for Great Cooling

Both top and front panels of the Lian Li LANCOOL ONE offer great airflow. Lian Li has designed the LANCOOL ONE to have optimized airflow so users who want to maximize cooling can do so thanks to plenty of fan mounting locations. Integrated removable dust filters allow ease-of-cleaning and reduced dust inside the chassis. The front panel of the LANCOOL ONE features an open front slit and side vents maintain looks while still providing high airflow for a great balance of looks and function. 

The LANCOOL One supports up 360mm radiators on the top or front (only one at a time) or users can also mount a single 280mm radiator on the front. A total of nine 120mm fans can be installed on the LANCOOL One for incredible airflow possibilities.
Multifunction PSU Shroud

Increase cooling in your case or add more storage with the Lian Li’s innovative dual-function PSU shroud. The shroud includes removable drive trays to house two additional 2.5” drives like SSDs or mount additional two 120mm fans for improved cooling that helps in cooling PCIe devices like the GPU. Underneath the PSU shroud, user can install up to two 3.5” drives like HDDs for further storage. The drive cage is removable and you can move it so you can have more space underneath the shroud for other airflow or modifications.

Cable Management Made Easy

The modular drive cage caddy can be removed for easier cable routing and the LANCOOL ONE also features plenty of tie down points for easier cable management. This enables a cleaner look and an easier time when doing maintenance.
Modern Meets Classic with More Features

The LANCOOL ONE features a full tempered glass side panel which is locked in place with LIAN LI’s signature mounting system, which allows for a seamless look yet still secure and easy to use. This makes it easier to remove your tempered glass panel and do maintenance and cleaning as well as installation of new components on your system.

Support for modern systems is given attention as the LANCOOL ONE supports up to larger EATX motherboards and the tilted tray design compliments the cable management feature of the LANCOOL ONE making it easier to route cables on the front. Motherboards following the E-ATX standard with dimensions of 12” x 10.9” can fit in the LANCOOL ONE. Furthermore, The LANCOOL ONE can accommodate motherboards with width of up to 280mm.
For greater presentation possibilities, the LANCOOL ONE can accommodate vertical GPU mounting.

Vote and Win! Get the Chance to Own a Lian Li Strimer!

Lian Li is excited to bring the LANCOOL ONE to consumers worldwide and to celebrate this release, Lian Li is giving everyone the chance to vote for their favorite feature of the LANCOOL ONE. Once voted, participant will get the chance to win Lian Li’s brand new, innovative Strimer RGB PSU cable.
Vote now! Follow this link to join:

The Evolution of Play - Growing Up With Video Games

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For more than two decades, PlayStation has been a source of fun and entertainment, providing gamers fond childhood memories to look back on. From the age of memory cards and booklets of CDs to having an extraordinary gaming experience with the PlayStation VR, one can’t help but feel nostalgic while paying homage to their beloved games.

Let’s take a trip down the PlayStation memory lane and check out how our favorite games have evolved over time.

God of War

First Release: God of War | PS2 | 2005
Latest Release: God of War | PS4 | 2018


The God of War franchise could easily be considered as one of the most popular titles among PlayStation gamers, making it the fastest-selling title on PS4 exceeding sales of 3.1 million copies in the first three days of its release. The title has produced a variety of main installments and several side games with the storyline, gameplay and of course, graphics, changing along the way.

One of the main developments in the latest release is leaving its Greek roots and moving on to the world of Norse Mythology. Its gameplay has also changed throughout the years. God of War features a third-person camera viewed from over-the-shoulder compared to previous installments with a fixed camera perspective. A departure though from the PS3 installment Ascension, the latest release goes back to single-player mode similar to its early releases. The PS4 Pro edition of the game features commendable graphics with two modes: Performance and Resolution, which players can easily switch to and from.


First Release: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune | PS3 | 2007
Latest Release: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy| PS4 | 2017


As a franchise that has spanned for almost a decade, Uncharted has seen four main installments plus a prequel, a card-game spin-off, and a standalone expansion. All four major installments of the series offer a single-player mode controlling its protagonist Nathan Drake. Each installment’s storyline takes gamers to a different setting following the action-packed journey of Drake as he seeks lost treasures and cities. Drake’s final appearance in the series (Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) is marked by a number of accolades praising key elements such as graphics, character development, and storyline.

But how do you make an Uncharted game without Nathan Drake as your lead? Naughty Dog had an answer and made the right move passing on the torch. In the Lost Legacy, gamers got a pair of bad-ass women in the form of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross snapping necks and cashing treasure-endorsed cheques. The game featured all of the hallmarks of the celebrated Uncharted franchise, including a rich cinematic story, action-packed set pieces, exotic destinations, and intricate puzzles.

The standalone franchise also involved Filipino skills and artistry. Manila-based game development studio Secret 6 collaborated with Naughty Dog to produce the game, with the former being the brain and talent behind the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s assets. The 140-man team of Secret 6 made over 100 assets for the game including high-quality cinematic assets, hero assets like weapons and vehicles, and environmental props.

Gran Turismo

First Release: Gran Turismo | PS1| 1997
Latest Release: Gran Turismo Sport | PS4 | 2017


Since its launch in 1997, Gran Turismo has since become one of the most iconic titles in PlayStation. This racing video game series has since released over 15 games, seven of which being primary releases, beginning from PS1 all the way to PS4.

Gran Turismo has two modes: arcade and simulation. Arcade allows gamers to choose any vehicle and inflict damage whereas Simulation Mode requires players to truly act like professional drivers – this means getting licenses as well as paying for vehicles and customization. From its debut to its current release, major changes include the expanded number and kinds of cars as well as the development of the game graphics. It has also since developed an online-aspect for the game in which players can compete with other users and race online.

Ratchet & Clank

First Release: Ratchet & Clank | PS2 | 2002
Latest Release: Ratchet & Clank | PS4 | 2016


A mascot-driven game featuring a humanoid and a robot takes center stage in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet is a Lombax – a fictional species that come from the planet Fastoon – and has lived by himself as a mechanic on the planet Veldin. Clank is his robot partner who previously escaped from the war-robot factory in which he was created. Together they go on missions to fight evil forces in the universe.

The series has spawned eight major titles to its name, several spin-offs, and a reimagining of the first game as its latest release. For the most part, the series has stayed true to its roots in terms of gameplay. It has maintained its mix of platforming, action, and RPG elements with Ratchet being the main playable character.

In the 2016 version, the reimagined masterpiece places you in a world filled with colorful visuals that you don’t regularly see in most games. This beloved platformer was supposed to be a HD remake of the 2002 classic, but fans were pleasantly surprised to see that this Ratchet and Clank was a total reimagination of its predecessor. With new weapons, races, and upgrades, the latest version was a hit with gamers.


First Release: Spider-Man | PS1| 2000
Latest Release: Spider-Man | PS4 | 2018


Last but not the least, from the makers of Ratchet & Clank comes another iconic title starring one of the world’s most well-known superheroes. In its first launch in 2000, we saw Spider-Man going through different levels and battling various villains such as Venom, Carnage, and Mysterio to name a few. Gamers also got to experience the superhero’s capabilities as they crawl walls, swing distances, and shoot webs at opponents.

Fast forward to 2018, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Marvel have teamed up to create a brand-new and authentic Spider-Man adventure. This isn’t the Spider-Man you’ve met or ever seen before. This is an experienced Peter Parker who’s more masterful at fighting big crime in New York City. At the same time, he’s struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career while the fate of millions of New Yorkers rest upon his shoulders.