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Unwrap Christmas 2018 – Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s always a good time to celebrate the gift of giving, and with Christmas coming, you’ll probably want to go all out on bringing the fun to everyone. But then again, with a plethora of options to go for, it’s getting more difficult to even just get started. But don’t let that intimidate you, because we’ve coughed up a good ol’ round up of the best gifts for each and every one in your circle.

Music and Gaming Audio Needs on the Go
Price: $49.99/Php2,495

Most likely, you’ll have that gamer cousin or friend who’s been itching for some sweet audio upgrade but don’t want to settle for those large earcups that tend to get in the way, not to mention the impracticality of it when you’re on the move.

HyperX’s Cloud Earbuds is one of the most ideal options for anyone who’s looking to game on the go or just wants to listen to some sweet tunes. It’s designed ideally for the Nintendo Switch, but that won’t stop you from using it with your phones.

Gaming Essentials Whenever, Wherever
 Nintendo Switch
Price: $299/Php16,995

A gaming PC would probably be the ultimate choice when it comes to some sweet, immersive gaming experience. But you don’t have to limit yourself tethered to your gaming rig. Nintendo Switch is easily the most practical way of playing.

Looking for couch gaming? Dock the Switch. Gaming on the go? Take it with you to the bus ride wherever. And hey, if you want to roll it in one package, the aforementioned HyperX Cloud Earbuds can do you good.

Easy Upgrade, Easy Price
Price: 240GB – Php2,750

By now, everyone’s probably familiar with Kingston. The independent world leader in memory products have been dishing out beautiful gaming products from high-performance desktop RAM to blazing fast SSDs at very competitive prices. And with that said, you just can’t go wrong with their products.

Kingston’s A400 SSD is easily one of the most affordable SSDs you can get your hands on, making it a great option if you’re looking for a quick upgrade on your gaming PC without breaking the bank. It’s loads faster than traditional hard drives, and the company’s longstanding reputation in warranty also has your back. It’s available from Lazada and Shopee on the Playbook store as well.

Picture Perfect
Price: $600/Php31,400 EF-M 15-45mm IS STM Kit

Canon’s EOS M50 wasn’t exactly a game changer, but don’t let that dictate your expectations of it. The EOS M50 is a user-friendly mirrorless camera that packs in 4K capabilities, the new Digic 8 processor and a compact design.

Camera Storage Woes No More
Price: Canvas Select SD card 128GB – Php 2,350
          Canvas Select microSD card 64GB – 1,200

You’d always, always want your storage devices in tiptop shape, because if they end up failing, you’ll end up losing those beautiful moments you should have been watching right now. With that said, Kingston’s Canvas Select SD and microSD cards are built to withstand harsh environments. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and vibration proof, making it a prime choice when you’re shooting in the great outdoors or you just need something that can last. They’re also both available on the Lazada Brand Store and Shopee’s Playbook store.

Artful Workings
Price: Php 28,999 for the Windows Version, Php 23,999 for the Android Version

Lenovo’s laptops are what we’d tag as “enduring” when it comes to the test of time. Some parts anecdotal, some parts established fact. And with that said, someone’s probably going to want a laptop that can do much yet look so unique at the same time.
That’s what the Lenovo YOGA BOOK can be. This laptop is probably what you’d call unconventional with its Halo keyboard that also doubles as a graphic slate. There’s also a version with double the screen, but also around double the price. So, yeah. We’re going with the first YOGA BOOK just for the price and ingenuity alone.

Intelligent Communication that Lasts
SRP: Php8,995

We’ve reviewed the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro, and we have plenty of good things to say about it. Enduring battery life fit for a king, beautiful performance, and superb straightforward design. Best of all, the price. You just can’t go wrong with it.

Time Will Tell
Price: $400/Php20,000

Smartwatches aren’t really taking off the same way smartphones did, but they’re still devices that can help you bolster your productivity and fashion sense. Huawei’s Watch 2 Pro is a beautiful and classy smartwatch loaded with features to also get you kickstarted on both your fitness and productivity. It’s also a bit elusive, which makes it even more special.

Power Overwhelming
Price: $99/Php5,000

There’s no such thing as too many power banks. Trust us, you’ll prefer to have multiple of these in your home rather than just one or two. No need to bring them all and lug them in your bag, however. But if you’re going to bring something with you at all times, make sure it’s reliable. The Anker 20000 PowerCore Speed PD would fit that description, and it can even charge up your MacBook or Nintendo Switch if you want. Handy.

Safety is Priceless
Price: Php7,000

Transcend has been on a roll with its line of dash and body cams, and you might want to get one for yourself if you still haven’t. Because you know, there’s no such thing as too safe when it comes to the world today. The 2nd gen Transcend DrivePro Body 10 can capture the most crucial details with its wide 130-degrees viewing angle and F/2.8 aperture, and it’s water and shock resistant, too!

Ultimate Gaming Within Budget
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
Price: $599/Php35,000

New tech, new games, and new year incoming. With that said, you may want to give that special gamer that gift that will last them for a while. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2070 would let you in on ultra-immersive gaming experience with the RTX hype, with beautiful performance, all while being within a reasonable price.

AMD FIGHT 2018 Rallies Up Gamers for Tekken 7 Tournament

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It’s no easy feat becoming the King of the Iron Fist, but AMD wants to make it easier for everyone as it opened up plenty of opportunities for you to take a shot at and thus delivers AMD FIGHT 2018. Rack up those combos for the kill.

At Teatrino at the Promenade, Greenhills, AMD opened up its grand Tekken tournament co-presented by MSI and sponsored by a host of brands including Corsair, HKC, Western Digital, and RAKK Gears. The challengers battled it out for the Php70,000 prize pool, and of course, there were also loads of prizes given away during the event.

It’s great to see AMD making a push for local gaming events in partnership with brands, and we’re hoping there’s another one coming our way next year.

Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super Jetstream Preliminary Review

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It seems we’re boarding the RTX hype train as Palit sends its GeForce RTX 2070 Super Jetstream to us to put to the test. This is kind of a new frontier for us, given that NVIDIA’s RTX brings plenty of new things to the table that we’ll need to explore its inner workings to understand it fully. So, then. Without further ado, let’s begin.


Palit had a certain design language when it came to presenting its products, specifically the ones in the JetStream lineup. Gone are the minimalist and unique aesthetics in the packaging and now we have a picture of a storm over the skies. Wouldn’t really fit the bill when it comes to premium presentations, but regardless of that case you’d buy it for the product and not for the packaging.

Anyway, moving forward, Palit keeps the bundles to a minimum. Honestly, what we have right here are just the essentials. There’s the Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super Jetstream in anti-static bag, a product manual, a disc driver and that’s about it.


At first glance, you’ll notice Palit’s attempt in refining its signature Super Jetstream. It has a more industrial yet cleaner look to it, and given its black and silver theme you have plenty of room in fitting it with your build’s theme. Mind you, the card also has some heft to it. It's quite thick at 59.6mm, occupying 2.7 slots.

The Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super Jetstream also comes with a healthy serving of ports - a single HDMI Port, three DisplayPort 1.4 ports, and a USB Type-C port on its honeycomb bracket.

The Palit RTX 2070 Super Jetstream also comes with quite a sexy backplate that also dons the Jetstream logo. 

RGB on the other hand is set up via Palit's Thunder Master app. The options are quite limited, however. You can turn it off totes, use it as an indication for the GPU temperature, choose a specific color, or rainbow.


NVIDIA's RTX brought with it plenty of new things that we'll need to make several adjustments on our benchmark methodologies to accommodate it. For starters, the current and only game that supports Ray Tracing is Battlefield V, but others are set to follow. It's also limited to DirectX 12, which at this time is still unsupported by Fraps.

1600 3.2GHz
GPUPalit GeForce RTX 2070 Super Jetstream (417.22 GeForce Game Ready Driver)
CoolerCorsair H60 (2018)
StoragePlextor M9e 512GB M.2 SSD + Seagate BarraCuda 4TB + 2TB Western Digital Green HDD
CaseSilverstone RL06
OSWindows 10 Pro N
DisplayViewSonic VX2758 144Hz Monitor

3DMark Time Spy 

3DMark Time Spy is a DirectX 12 benchmark test for Windows 10 gaming PCs. Time Spy is one of the first DirectX 12 apps to be built the right way from the ground up to fully realize the performance gains that the new API offers. With its Extreme counterpart rendering visuals in 4K.

3DMark Firestrike

Fire Strike is a showcase DirectX 11 benchmark for modern gaming PCs. Its ambitious real-time graphics are rendered with detail and complexity far beyond other DirectX 11 benchmarks and games. With Extreme and Ultra versions raising resolution in 25650 x 1440 and 4K.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is the very first title to support NVIDIA's Ray Tracing. Our test involves a run on the War Stories - Under No Flag section to test out the performance between RTX enabled and disabled. And of course, everything possible to adjust set to maximum/ultra. Drive it hard.

Ambient Occlusion: SSAO
Anti-aliasing Post-processing: TAA High
DXR: Ultra/Off
Effects Quality Ultra
GPU Memory Restriction: Off
Graphics Quality: Ultra
Lighting Quality: Ultra
Mesh Quality: Ultra
Post-processing Quality: Ultra
Resolution Scale: Ultra
Terrain Quality: Ultra
Texture Filtering: Ultra
Texture Quality: Ultra
Undergrowth Quality: Ultra
Framerate Limiter: 200
VSync: Off
Future Frame Rendering: On

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 despite its age is still one of the most demanding titles as it holds up graphically. Our test is done on Mulbrydale.

VSync: Off
FPS: Unlimited
NVIDIA Hairworks: Off
Number of Background Characters: Ultra
Shadow Quality: Ultra
Terrain Quality: Ultra
Water Quality: Ultra
Grass Density: Ultra
Texture Quality: Ultra
Foliage Visibility Range: Ultra
Detail Level: Ultra
Ambient Occlusion: SSAO
Depth of Field: On
Chromatic Abberation: On
Vignetting: On
Light Shafts: On

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV from Square Enix is one of the most graphically intensive games to date, offering rich details and beautiful visuals to boot. Our test run involves a run on the great wilderness from Hammerhead to the road ahead. 

Framerate: 120fps
Resolution: 100%
Preset: Highest
Assets: On
Model LOD: High
TRAM: Highest
Anisotropic Filtering: High
Geomapping: On
Lighting: High
Shadows: Highest
Ambient Occlusion: High
Anti-aliasing: TAA
Motion Blur: On
Filtering: Highest
NVIDIA Hairworks: Off
NVIDIA TurfEffects: Off
NVIDIA ShadowLibs: Off

Final Fantasy XV DLSS Test

Final Fantasy XV's Benchmark Tool now comes with DLSS. DLSS seems to be locked down to 4K, so results will be for that resolution only. For this one, we'll compare results when it's activated and off.

Assets: On
Model LOD: High
TRAM: Highest
Anisotropic Filtering: High
Geomapping: On
Lighting: Highest
Shadows: Higherst
Ambient Occlusion
Anti-aliasing: TAA
Motion Blur: On
Filtering: Highest
NVIDIA HairWorks: On
NVIDIA TurfEffects: On
NVIDIA ShadowLibs: On
(Recorded with GeForce Experience)

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Adaptive Quality: Off
Ambient Occlusion: Very High
Anti-aliasing: High
Character: Ultra High
Clutter: Very High
Depth of Field: High
Character Texture Detail: Ultra High
Texture Detail: High
Environment Details: Ultra High
Fog: High
Resolution Modifier: 100
Screen Space Reflections: High
Shadows: Ultra High
Terrain: High
Volumetric Clouds: Ultra High
Water: Very High

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Odyssey looks like it still used the same engine as Assassin's Creed Origins, but a more refined one at that. Our test run is done on the Coast of Koliadai area.

Metro Last Light Redux Benchmark Tool

Metro Last Light Redux features a built in benchmarking tool that can simulate on multiple passes and comes with detailed sequences.


Quality: Very High
Texture Filtering: AF 16X
Motion Blur: Off
Tesselation: Very High
VSync: Off
Advanced PhysX: Off
Runs: 3


For the temperature, we look for the average on a 30-minute idle state and load temperatures are tracked during 3DMark's Time Spy stress test for the same duration. The test system is under a 30C ambient room temperature, and unit is in Celsius.


Palit's GeForce RTX 2070 Super Jetstream definitely provided a vast learning space for us. RTX shows a lot of visual promise, although we can see such a huge strain in performance when it's activated. We're looking ahead to development improvements on its performance. It's a shame, really that Battlefield V is the only supports it at the time of writing, we'd love to test it out on other titles as well to make a more conclusive report. The majority of our testing procedures involve reviewing it as a normal card due to the lack of support for RTX titles currently. 

Specifically in terms of the Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super Jetstream, it's easily a performer by the numbers as it delivers on both 1080p and 1440p. Shooting for 4K especially with DXR enabled however would be asking for it. It's easily a great gaming card so to speak, allowing you to go nuts on the quality on 1080p and 1440p to an extent. Ray Tracing is just too demanding, and we can't stress enough how we're in need of more titles to support it for us to fully explore its potential.

We'll be looking into this further, and if you have other games you have in mind tested or you have some comments on our tests, please feel free to drop a message. 

Transcend Announces SDXC/SDHC 700S Memory Cards for Content Creators

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Transcend Information Inc., a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is introducing the 700S series of SDXC/SDHC memory cards, which provides the performance and capacity necessary to harness the full power of UHS-II compliant DSLR cameras and camcorders. With capacities of up to 64GB and transfer speeds of up to 285MB/s*, these UHS-II memory cards allow content creators to capture and work with high-resolution RAW images and high-quality 4K videos faster than ever.

The Professional's Choice
The SDXC/SDHC 700S series, constructed of durable MLC NAND flash, is capable of read speed up to 285MB/s and write speed up to 180MB/s+ with UHS Speed Class 3 and SD Speed Class 10 performance. In addition to incredible transfer speeds, the 700S series cards are UHS Video Speed Class 90 (V90)-compliant, making them ideal for smooth, interrupted 4K video capture and post-production.

Built for Extremes
All of Transcend’s memory cards are subjected to rigorous reliability and compatibility tests, and the SDXC/SDHC 700S series is no exception, performing in temperature extremes from -25°C to 85°C, meeting IPX7 standards that can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, as well as being static, shock/vibration, and X-ray proof.

RecoveRx Software
Transcend's exclusive RecoveRx software is a free data recovery utility that features a user-friendly interface that allows users to search deep within a storage device for traces of erased photos, documents, music and videos that can be rescued. Moreover, RecoveRx can also write-protect memory cards to prevent accidental data loss.

The SDXC/SDHC 700S is available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, and are covered by Transcend’s Five-year Limited Warranty.

* Speed may vary due to host hardware, software, usage, and storage capacity. 
+ Maximum speeds can only be achieved when this card is used with UHS-II compatible devices. Transcend's RDF9 card reader is recommended for optimized performance.

                                                                                          SDXC/SDHC 700S
Capacity                                                                          32GB / 64GB
Flash Type                                                                       MLC NAND
Speed Class                                                      UHS-II U3, Class 10, V90
Read Speed (Max.)                                         285MB/s
Write Speed (Max.)                                        180MB/s
Insertion / Removal Cycles                           10,000
Operating Temperature                 -25°C to 85°C
Operating Voltage                                          2.7V to 3.6V
Dimensions                                                      32.0 x 24.0 x 2.1 mm
Weight                                                              2g

Honor Wants to Make Your Christmas Great with these Hot New Deals

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It’s that time of the year again when you have to think of the best gifts not only for yourself, but for friends and family. Worry not – Honor’s holiday offerings are just around the corner for those of you who are looking to give phones as your gift for even more affordable prices!

Check out these exclusive holiday deals and make sure to mark your calendar when they drop.

Honor Play Price Drop on December 8!

Are you looking for the perfect gaming phone? The Honor Play will be having a permanent price drop nationwide! Powered by GPU Turbo Technology, AI real-time image and audio recognition, the Honor Play gives users immersive gaming experience.

To get first dibs on this exclusive deal, drop by the Honor Mobile Games Fans’ Event at SM City Fairview on December 8. For only Php14,990, you get to have a new Honor Play bundled with an Honor Gift Box and Portable Game Holder which makes it the perfect gift for the gamer in your life! This exclusive deal will be available in all Honor’s authorized brand shop, kiosks, and multi-brand shops.

You can also purchase the phone for the same discounted price on Honor’s online shops on Shopee and Lazada.

It’s a Merry December with ‘Honor Just for You’

Get the best Honor has to offer for lower prices this entire month of December! With ‘Honor Just For
You’ exclusive sale, you get to choose from a variety of phones as your gifts without breaking the

For only Php12,990, you can take home the Honor 8X that’s best for your multimedia consumption with its 6.5-inch Notch FullView Display, 128GB (64 GB available) ROM and supports an expandable microSD card up to 400GB, and a battery capacity of 3,750 mAh. The deal comes with free Bluetooth speakers.

You can also get your new Honor Play with free Honor Gift Box and Game Holder for only Php 14,990, the Honor 7A for Php 7,490 and the Honor 7S for just Php 5,290. As if the holiday surprise is not enough, Honor’s flagship phone – the Honor 10 – is available for just Php20,990 and comes with the free Honor Gift Box.

All of these hot deals are available in all Honor’s authorized brand shop, kiosks, and multi-brand shops nationwide until December 31 – just for you!

Honor’s 12.12 Price Drop on December 12

Beginning December 10 to December 12, Honor will hold its 12.12 sale on Shopee and Lazada. Grab these amazing holiday deals for even more affordable prices:

Synology® Unveils the DiskStation DS1819+

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Synology Inc. recently launched DiskStation DS1819+, an 8-bay desktop NAS providing outstanding performance with great expandability, ready to grow as your business thrives.

"This is a compact NAS with an expandable design that can be an ideal investment for small to medium-sized businesses, especially when capable of hosting versatile applications." Said Kevin Meng, product manager of Synology Inc. "As an updated 8-bay desktop NAS in the Plus family, DS1819+ provides a performance increase of over 57% in sequential reading compared to its predecessor, making it more than capable of being just a file server or backup target to satisfy various business requirements with its all-inclusive built-in applications."

A Scalable Storage Server with Outstanding Performance
DS1819+ incorporates the advanced technologies of Intel's new generation Atom processor, providing superior performance with great expandability, allowing the seamless expansion and upgrade to satisfy your growing business needs.
Processor: Intel C3538 quad-core, 2.1 GHz
Memory: 4GB DDR4 pre-installed, upgradable up to 32GB
Storage: up to 216TB raw capacity with two expansion units
Performance: delivering sequential throughput at over 2,045 MB/s reading and 656 MB/s writing

Fulfills Intensive Workload with PCIe Expansion
DS1819+ comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports and one PCIe expansion slot, providing great configuration flexibility and can satisfy your intensive workload demand.
Supports 10GbE add-on card: to break through the data transmission bandwidth.
Supports M.2 SSD adapter card: to boost random IOPS with M.2 NVMe/SATA SSD cache.
Built-in four Gigabit Ethernet ports: support failover and Link Aggregation.

Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager
DS1819+ runs on DiskStation Manager, the advanced and intuitive operating system for Synology NAS devices, with various applications offered to enhance work productivity. Synology has received numerous media accolades, topping the mid-range NAS category in TechTarget's storage solution survey and winning PC Mag Readers' Choice eight years in a row.

For more information on DS1819+, please visit

DS1819+ is priced at Php 57,999 and is available through Synology’s local distributors. 

10 Reasons to Buy the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro

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We’ve had a blast with the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro when we reviewed it a while back, and there’s just plenty of things do with it for a smartphone. With a myriad of offerings today, ASUS’ battery king differentiates itself from the crowd with a handful of nifty features, and performance that’s hard to beat for the price. 

If you’re still not sold on the ZenFone Max Pro by this time, here are 10 reasons why you should jump right on it a-sap!

Power Overwhelming

The ASUS ZenFone Max Pro prides itself in this department it’s the King James of smartphones when it comes to the battery. Equipped with a 5000mAh battery, this smartphone can last as long as you need it to. So, yeah. I’d practically use this for work when I’m on the move. Easy hotspot, without the juice going to zilch in a matter of minutes. Or better yet, you can always do well with mobile entertainment with Netflix and chill, so when you’re sitting on the bus ride to paradise or to god knows where, you can finish Castlevania in one sitting, seasons 1 and 2! 

5000mAh. Should I even write more on this? Let the number speak for itself!

Sweet, Sweet Performance

Looky here. We're about to Battlefield V on the ZenFone Max Pro. We can, but should we?

There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 with an octa-core CPU and Adreno 509 GPU with 3GB of RAM on this ZenFone Max Pro. All buttery smooth performance right here.  Gaming goodness and whatnot, and a fluid user experience overall. We’re currently invested on Star Ocean Anamnesis, but we’re also having plenty of fun tinkering with the Steam Link app. 


We like the straightforward, no-frills stuff. And that’s what the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro is all about. Not too thick, not too slim. Feels good to the touch, and exudes sturdiness. Nothing too flashy, yet classy at the same time. It also doesn’t have a notch if you’re put off by it, because we were. 

Massive Screen, Small Footprint

We’d like to say it’s a 6-incher stuck in a 5.5-incher’s body. ~76.2% screen-to-body ratio right here with the ZenFone Max Pro. And yeah, that 18:9 aspect ratio looks and feels so nice. FHD+ is the word (words?) here, and you’re going to love every pixel of it. Well, that’s kinda unhealthy, but you catch our drift.

Grew a Pair, of Cameras

During the yesteryears, this godly setup was first reserved to the most expensive of phones, and you’re going to make a huge dent on your bank account if you pursue it. Nowadays, that’s kind of the standard for midrange phones. B O K E H

The Headphone Jack, Keeping it Real

Old meme, but it still checks out

Hey remember the time when you can connect your favorite headphones to your smartphones? While other manufacturers may have already forgotten the great things of the yesteryears, ASUS keeps to tradition and still equips the ZenFone Max Pro with a headphone jack. That may be a small thing at first glance, but yeah it’s more of a case of would you rather?

Reading Your Fingerprints

Got everything secured and locked down? Yeah, no. Not when you’re still keying your PINs and passwords in public. The onlookers, sorry, comsatters, can’t help taking a glance on your phone screens, so yeah, utilize the fingerprint reader. The ZenFone Max Pro has it, at the back for A E S T H E T I C S.

Room for Everything

It’s probably not a good idea to use the ZenFone Max Pro as your tindahan’s loading station. You might not want to hand in a smartphone to anyone banging on the metal grill mesh asking “pa load po bente.” But yeah, the ZenFone Max Pro has room for two SIM card slots, plus a dedicated microSD card slot to spare. 

Wait, no. Would have been better to say that your work revolves on communication and it’s cheaper to use two networks instead of having that bad of an example with the sari-sari store.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Be the Life of the Party

Remember the times when you're in a group and then comes in that awkward moment of silence like everything just stopped? Best make sure it doesn't happen again. The ZenFone Max Pro comes with a 5-magnet loudspeaker with NXP Smart Amp for lower distortion and higher volume, perfect for jamming into tunes on the great outdoors even when you're cranking up the volume to eleven.


Looking for a chance to spend that 13th month pay on something that would feel like it’s an investment rather than a luxury? We’re not saying smartphones are your priorities, but just in case you’re looking for one this Christmas to treat yo self, the ZenFone Max Pro is definitely something you’d want to take a look at. Eight thousand nine hundred and ninety five pesos for the base version. Let me repeat, in numbers, 8,995. Add 2K on top of that for the better version.