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New Range of Nokia Smartphones Arrives in the Philippines

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HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, introduces the Nokia 2.2, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 8.1 to its Filipino fans through exclusive offers on Lazada and Shopee. 

With the promise of pure, secure and up-to-date Android that just keeps getting better, the new lineup of Nokia smartphones brings sophisticated AI-powered low-light imaging and fast access Google Assistant at the lowest price point yet through the Nokia 2.2; massive screen and two-day battery life in an affordable yet premium package through the Nokia 3.2; and flagship calibre imaging with ZEISS Optics, PureDisplay screen technology and accelerated performance to the value flagship segment through the Nokia 8.1.

Sancho Chak, HMD Global, General Manager for Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau, said: 
“We value our relationship with the Filipino Nokia mobile fans. This is why we offer them only the best smartphones with accelerated performance, designs that are made with precision and are of the highest standards, and the latest AI advances, including fast access to Google Assistant. Running on pure, secure and up-to-date Android 9 Pie reinforced with Android One™, these smartphones uphold HMD Global’s commitment to phones that just keep getting better, made accessible through our online retail partners at irresistible price points.” 

Nokia 2.2: Get ahead with advanced AI features and the latest Android

The first Nokia 2 series smartphone to be part of the Android One programme, the Nokia 2.2 delivers sophisticated AI-powered low-light imaging and Google Assistant at the press of a button, all at a truly astonishing price. It gives you the latest full Android experience on a modern 5.7-inch screen with a discreet selfie-notch. The Nokia 2.2 is Android Q ready and will receive two years of OS upgrades and three years of monthly security updates, ensuring access to all the latest innovations from Android.

Bringing sophisticated AI-powered low light image fusion, the Nokia 2.2 can take detailed photos even in tricky low-light conditions with its camera that snaps multiple images simultaneously through advanced algorithms to create a single image with more light, greater detail and less noise. HDR photography also allows the Nokia 2.2 to capture vivid colours with greater dynamic range in every shot. 

The Nokia 2.2 is one of the first phones in its category to come with a biometric face-unlock feature, enabling you to unlock your phone effortlessly. Its Google Lens lets you search what you see—simply point the camera lens at your product of interest to know how you can buy it or point the lens at an album artwork to discover new music and stream via music services such as Spotify. 

The Nokia 2.2 also offers the latest trends in screen design, featuring an edge-to-edge display with a modern discreet selfie-notch, maximising screen surface whilst maintaining a pocketable form factor. The 5.71-inch HD+ edge-to-edge display offers a large screen whilst still ensuring the Nokia 2.2 is compact for single-handed use. The display, with 400nits brightness, allows for a more vivid viewing experience. All these come powered by the quad-core MediaTek A22 CPU chipset, which is designed to deliver battery optimisation so your phone lasts the entire day. 

The Nokia 2.2 brings the best of Google Assistant with a dedicated Google Assistant button. One press gives you instant access to Google Assistant and a long press lets you do in-depth requests and multiple tasks such as asking questions, getting directions, making calls and telling it to do things faster than ever before.

Nokia 3.2: View more, do more

The Nokia 3.2 combines the biggest HD+ display with our signature two-day battery life powered by the latest Android 9 Pie experience.

Nokia 3.2 combines a larger battery than many premium smartphones with efficient hardware and software ingenuity. It has an Adaptive Battery feature introduced in Android 9 Pie that manages background applications using AI, learning from user behaviour to know when to throttle or increase power for specific apps or processes. It also features an impressive 6.26” HD+ display so you’ll never struggle to watch your favourite movies, TV shows and streams on screen.

Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 429 mobile platform and available with up to 3GB RAM/32GB ROM configuration, the Nokia 3.2 will get through tasks with ease. It is also among the first Nokia smartphones to include a notification light in which the power button comes to life to alert you of notifications so you know when to unlock your phone and check your apps.

The premium features on the Nokia 3.2 include face unlock to give you a quick, handsfree way to unlock your smartphone and exclusive Google Assistant actions to open apps quicker such as launching the camera app through a verbal command. The Nokia 3.2 also lets you access your Google Assistant without unlocking your phone—after opting-in through your settings, you’ll be able to perform basic tasks such as setting a timer, scheduling reminders, making calls, listening to music and getting answers to your questions faster than ever before.

Nokia 8.1: Elevate the value flagship experience

As the newest addition to Nokia mobile’s value flagship range and the first Nokia smartphone to receive Android Q update, the Nokia 8.1 punches above its weight with extraordinary imaging achieved by its highly sensitive, industry-leading camera sensor, ZEISS Optics and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). It delivers enhanced viewing experience even in bright sunlight with its Proprietary PureDisplay screen technology with HDR 10 support along with highly accurate colour reproduction whilst the chipset ensures smooth performance for up to two days on a single charge.

The Nokia 8.1’s great low-light imaging performance comes from its 12MP main camera with ZEISS Optics that has an industry-leading 1/2.55=inch super-sensitive sensor with large 1.4 micron pixels for precise light capture, delivering exceptionally detailed images. With its combination of Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) technology and super-fast autofocus, the Nokia 8.1 doesn’t let shaky hands stop you from capturing crisp images and videos. 

The Nokia 8.1 is the second Nokia smartphone to come with PureDisplay screen technology for an enhanced viewing experience. Visuals are taken to another level with HDR 10, which delivers higher contrast, great clarity and over a billion individual colours to ensure images remain accurate whether you’re in a dark room or out in bright sunlight. 

The Nokia 8.1 lets you effortlessly enjoy up to two days on a single charge. Long-lasting power combined with the Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform means the Nokia 8.1 can get through any task without breaking a sweat, with 35 percent faster graphics processing and 20 percent higher performance than the previous generation. It also has twice the AI power, thanks to a multi-core AI engine that employs a brand-new architecture for efficient performance. Its Qualcomm® aptX™ audio support also means music lovers can enjoy high-quality sound wirelessly over Bluetooth.

The Nokia 8.1’s unique two-tone design is augmented with a dual anodising process with diamond cut edges that deliver a bold statement with the durability to withstand the knocks of everyday life. Its stunning 6.18-inch Full HD+ edge-to-edge display is housed within a beautifully refined and neat footprint so you can enjoy your favourite movies and apps on a big screen comfortably on the go.

Nokia phones just keep getting better with pure, secure and up-to-date Android
The Nokia 2.2, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 8.1 come with Android 9 Pie out of the box and are all Android Q ready. These Nokia smartphones also join the comprehensive lineup of the Android One family, which means they deliver the latest Android innovations and software experiences. With Android One, you can get great storage and battery life right out of the box with three years of monthly security patches and two major OS updates, keeping the promise of a Nokia mobile experience that just keep getting better.

Android 9 Pie includes AI-powered features that make a smarter, faster device that adapts to your behaviour as you use it, so your smartphone experience gets even better with time. The Adaptive Battery feature limits battery usage from apps you don’t use often, and App Actions predicts what you’re about to do so you can get to your next action quickly. These features further boost your device’s functionality and your overall Android experience.

All these Nokia phones will be available starting July 19.
The Nokia 2.2 with 3GB RAM/32GB ROM configuration is available in Tungsten Black at authorised Nokia mobile resellers online and in-store at official Nokia mobile stores, kiosks and exhibits nationwide for PHP5,990.  
The Nokia 3.2 with 3GB RAM/32GB ROM configuration is available in Black and is on sale exclusively at Shopee. Every purchase comes with a free Shopee discount voucher worth PHP1,000, reducing the original price from PHP7,990 to only PHP6,990 upon check-out.

The Nokia 8.1 with 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM configuration in Iron Steel colour combination comes exclusively through Lazada for PHP19,990.  First 700 customers can get a free Philippine Airlines (PAL) travel voucher worth PHP1,000 valid for local flights and an extra special treatment card for after sales support with VIP services. In addition to these freebies, the first 300 customers are also entitled to free shipping nationwide.

Captain Phasma Joins Bandai's Star Wars Meisho Movie Realization!

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Bandai just keeps it coming! Following the preorder releases of the Ashigaru First Order Stormtrooper and Samurai Kylo Ren, another fan favorite is coming our way by the end of the year. This is none other than the Ashigaru Taisho Captain Phasma!

Ashigaru Taisho Captain Phasma is designed by the legendary Takayuki Takeya and Junichi Tanaguchi. This 7.09 inches action figure is fully posable and comes with a katana and a blaster. See below for more pictures:

Now what's really astonishing about this figure is the captain's cape, especially The Empire's emblem engraved in it. The sheath of the sword is also awesome as it is befitting of a high ranking official in The Empire's army.

Ashigaru Captain Phasma is now available for preorder at Big Bad Toy Store or in your favorite hobby shops. This is expected to arrive November to December 2019.

Images source: Bandai Namco

Sennheiser Strengthens Presence in the Philippines; Seals Partnership with JB Music

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Sennheiser looks to boost its market footprint in the country as it establishes a partnership with local music store giant JB Music.

The partnership, which was officially announced through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony held on July 16 at the JB Music Flagship Store in Mandaluyong, grants JB Music the right to distribute Sennheiser Asia’s products in the Philippines. Through this venture, Sennheiser’s audio technology and systems will be made more accessible to Filipino audiophiles.

“The Philippines is a crucially strategic market for us in the region. Known for their love of karaoke and good music, the Filipinos are certainly one of our target customers. The thriving local entertainment industry likewise calls for reliable musical equipment, and we are committed to making a difference with our sound. Our partnership with JB Music will significantly reinforce Sennheiser brand awareness and recognition toward strengthening our position in the Filipino professional audio solutions segment,” shares Martin Low, Managing Director, Sennheiser Asia.

Sennheiser is optimistic its new partnership with JB Music will help further grow its market in the Philippines. With 45 years in the industry, JB Music has solidified its position in the local music scene as a provider of reliable musical instruments, professional audio equipment and other related accessories.

Elevating the Filipino sound experience

Filipinos can now conveniently walk in JB Music stores to personally check out high-quality Sennheiser audio equipment and products, including its highly acclaimed Pro Audio Solutions: the XS Wireless Digital, Evolution Wireless G4 and Digital 6000. 

Sennheiser’s latest wireless microphone system, the XS Wireless Digital is perfect for stage performances, DSLR setups and musical instrument audio, allowing room for more creativity and higher energy and giving users the ability to move freely. It eliminates the hassle and complexity of wired setups and uses a 2.4GHz connection to create a wireless peer-to-peer connection, effectively syncing the portable transmitter and receiver. The compact transmitter and receiver can run up to 5 hours with their nonremovable batteries, which are charged through a USB-C port. 

The Evolution Wireless G4 (EWG4), the fourth generation of Sennheiser’s most popular series worldwide, bears the DNA of its predecessors – flexibility, ease of use and reliability. Featuring more bandwidth than the G3, EWG4’s 300 and 500 series can reach up to 88MHz. The high bandwidth benefits users, especially those in major cities, with its better allowance for RF audio transmission despite telecommunication frequency blocks and heavy RF traffic.

The EWG4 also beats competitors in terms of transmission power with its 50mW output, which enables it to overrule other signals that may cause interference. Its advanced and powerful technology can sail smoothly through business and education forums, live performances, film shoots or broadcasts, making it the top choice of global shows and events such as the Grammy Awards, American Idol and EuroVision 2019.

Another pride of Sennheiser is the Digital 6000 system, which packs intermodulation-free capability to operate successfully in areas with a narrow range of frequencies. It features the compact SK 6212, a 112g transmitter that can deliver 12 hours of operations.

Working with the Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec (SeDAC), the Digital 6000 system ensures premium sound whatever the environment. The Digital 6000 is truly Sennheiser’s no-compromise solution for the wireless needs of today and the future.

Transcend StoreJet 25C3S 1TB External Hard Drive Review

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There’s no shortage of Transcend’s storage solutions here at HEXMOJO, it’s like we’re building a database for their products. Totally not the case. So, for today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Transcend StoreJet 25C3S, an external hard drive complete with luxury aluminum alloy housing together with USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface. Let’s get it on.


The Transcend 25C3S comes in the usual Transcend packaging. A red, black and white box with a clear cut out to show you the actual product, and in this case, it’s the 25C3S clad in aluminum alloy. Once you open up the packaging, you’ll be met with the external hard drive itself, coupled with other inclusions like a USB Type C to Type C cable and a USB Type C to Type A cable, as well as a quick start guide and a pamphlet for other of Transcend’s products. 


We’ve grown very familiar with Transcend’s design language when it comes to its external storage products despite the variety in the lineup. The Transcend 25C3S sports a luxurious design with its aluminum alloy exterior. 

It features CNC-finished edges while the Transcend logo is embossed on the case. Furthermore, it’s polished, sandblasted, and anodized. 


ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark is an industry leading benchmark that help measure performance of system storage such as hard drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays, and so forth.

ATTODiskBenchmark_2019-07-12_15-36-05.png (530×634)

Crystal Disk Mark

We begin with one of the storage benchmark standards with Crystal Disk Mark to measure both of its read and write rates through a series of tests.

Real World Performance

For the real world performance, we'll be using a set of 20GB file consisting of 119 video files, as well as an archived 16GB to test it out. The time is measured in seconds, and of course, lower is better.


It's a bit difficult to determine the value of a product especially when we don't know where we can find it and we have no idea how much it would cost. But if we're setting that aside and we're purely basing this on features, performance and design, the Transcend StoreJet 25C3S External Hard Drive comes out as a pretty straightforward storage solution that can get the job done while still looking super classy. Add up Transcend's Elite and RecoveRx software and a three-year limited warranty, it certainly is something you'll want to look at.


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External graphics cards are quite the niche setup – turn your ultrabook into a full-fledged powerhouse gaming machine at your whim. Definitely fun times ahead if you’re shooting for portability rather than having something you’ll want to fire up in your quarters every now and then whenever you want to game. It’s pretty sweet. Heck, you can even make one yourself. But why go through all the hurdles for something that should just be at your beck and call, amirite? Enter the AORUS RTX 2070 GAMING BOX, an external graphics card featuring an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. And we’re going to unbox it today. 

  • Embedded Geforce RTX™ 2070 enables real-time ray tracing and A.I.
  • Thunderbolt™ 3 plug and play
  • Customized 130mm Large Fan
  • Easy to carry with portable size
  • Supports Quick Charge (QC 3.0) and Power Delivery (PD 3.0)
  • Supports 3x USB 3.0 for peripheral devices
  • RGB fusion 2.0 - synchronize with other AORUS devices


The AORUS RTX 2070 GAMING BOX comes in quite a hefty packaging. You’re getting a bulky box, which comes printed with everything you’ll need to know about the product. At the front features the AORUS RTX GAMING BOX in its full glory together with a couple of its primary features, and at the back are they highlights. The left side features the layout of the IO panel, and opposite of it are key specifications as well as system requirements.

Now this is where the magic happens. Once you open up the box, you’ll be met with, yes, another black box. 

This black box contains a very sweet sling carry bag that could probably double as a camera bag if you want it to be, and inside it is the AORUS RTX 2070 GAMING BOX that looks super solid. 

The essentials such as the Thunderbolt 3 cable, power cable, an installation guide, and a driver disc are also in the package. 


The AORUS RTX 2070 GAMING BOX comes off with a very subtle approach – a lone AORUS logo graces the front side, while on the left and right are for the vents. 

At the back are the ports for one HDMI, three DisplayPort, two USB Type C for VirtualLink and system connection, three USB 3.0 ports for your peripherals and storage devices, a quick charge 3.0 USB port that can juice up your smartphones four times faster than conventional chargers.  

RGB Fusion 2.0 is also present here, but it’s only on the side sadly. The AORUS logo could have used some styling RGB treatment. Not a loss, though.


External GPUs are a real thing. While not many would yearn for one, there are still a lot of people looking for a hassle-free solution that does its job wonderfully, not to mention look good doing it as well. The AORUS RTX 2070 GAMING BOX is poised as a solution that features the essentials for an external GPU. For one, a GPU. Unlike other solutions, the AORUS RTX 2070 GAMING BOX already comes with a graphics card, specifically a GeForce RTX 2070. What else would you need? Oh, an ultrabook that supports Thunderbolt 3. Not included, btw.

Battle of the Visionaries: AOC Pan-Asian Internet Café Esports Tournament

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Agon, AOC’s line of premium gaming monitors, has developed innovative and high-performance products for gamers worldwide to enjoy. But the Agon brand is also known for esports participation – be it by providing monitors for events or sponsoring leading gaming competitors and teams.

Going forward, in its effort to connect esports to the wider gaming community, AOC will be organizing a Pan-Asian Internet Café esports tournament, featuring leading internet cafes from all over Asia sending their best players to battle it out.

About the Tournament
In the spirit of competition, the tournament will feature the best – which is why qualifiers will be held across the participating regions, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and more. Winners will represent their country at the international grand finals event. The finals date will be announced soon.

The featured game is PUGB, one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games in the market that enjoys a wide and competitive playerbase from all over the world. AOC Gaming will provide coverage for the PUBG league including livestreams on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms where PUBG fans can root for their favorite teams and witness the intense action for PUBG dominance in each region.

AOC’s Esports Vision
While high-level professional esports tournaments are important for the gaming ecosystem, AOC believes grass roots events are key to making competitive gaming accessible to all by encouraging amateur participation. 

Internet cafes traditionally have played a key role in bringing the grass roots level of gamers together. As such, AOC also believes that competition surrounding internet cafes will serve as a platform for these communities to shine. 

The competition is open to amateur teams who would like to experience a different level of esports competition. Aspiring esports teams will be exposed to high levels of competitive gameplay to help their dreams of becoming esports athletes come true. The competition will also allow them to experience what makes Agon AOC Gaming Monitors the standard for high level competitive gaming and why AOC is the choice for professional esports athletes.

Kan Yeung, General Manager of MMD Philippines said: “At AOC, we have a vision to make competitive gaming a more accessible hobby for people of all background. Internet cafes play an important role in the gaming community worldwide, especially in Asia, and we are proud to have an opportunity to collaborate with so many leading internet cafes across the region for our Battle of the Visionaries tournament.”

In partnership with Rapoo and TForce, the AOC Battle of the Visionaries Philippine qualifiers will pit the best PUBG teams from internet cafes in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Philippine Grand Finals, which will have a total prize pool of PHP 100,000, will be held on July 13, 2019, at the High Grounds Cafe, Scout Rallos, Quezon City.

The top team to emerge from this tournament will represent the country in the Grand Finals of the AOC Pan-Asian Internet Cafe Esports Tournament in China on September this year. A total of 14,000 USD will be at stake for the Grand Finals, with the top team taking home 8,000 USD. An AOC Gaming Monitor will also be awarded to all players reaching the Grand Finals.

Realme unveils world’s first 64MP photo, takes smartphone imaging to new heights

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realme.JPG (454×341)

Realme, a game-changer smartphone brand, has recently unveiled the world’s first 64MP photo taken using a smartphone, confirming plans to launch a flagship 64MP smartphone with unprecedented quad-camera by the second half of this year.  

The device is expected to up the ante in smartphone imaging experience and enable users to widen the possibilities and do more with their phone cameras.

Realme to raise image quality to a new level with larger size and higher resolution

Realme’s first flagship product will pack the 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 recently revealed by Samsung. It is one of two new sensors from Samsung with the highest resolution designed for high-end smartphones.

With Samsung’s optimized ISOCELL Plus technology, the GW1 significantly improves color fidelity and light sensitivity. The technology also enables image sensors to equip 0.8μm and smaller pixels without any loss in performance, making it an optimal solution for developing super-resolution photography. 

The GW1 comes with the industry-leading size of 1/1.72-inch, giving it more powerful light sensitivity compared to 1/2-inch. 

With pixel-merging Tetracell technology and remosaic algorithm, the GW1 produces brighter 16MP images in low-light environments and highly detailed 64MP shots in brighter settings. 

GW1+sensor.jpg (493×344)
 GW1 sensor

Realme is gearing up to win the smartphone photography race. Just this second quarter, realme Philippines launched the realme 3 Pro, a midrange gaming champion with superior photography capabilities compared with its competitors. The phone has a combination 16MP+5MP rear shooter camera supported by a Sony IMX 519 image sensor. Its selfie camera supports 25MP. The phone also packs the two unique camera features of the realme 3 – the Chroma Boost mode, which optimizes photos and produces richer color presentation, and the upgraded Super Nightscape, which smartly adjusts the exposure of images taken with extremely dim lighting.

64MP quad-camera allows for more possibilities

The commercial use of 64MP sensor and quad-camera will enable more possibilities and greater convenience in daily shooting and recreation. The addition of quad-camera and AI imaging is expected to satisfy users in a broad variety of scenes, freeing them to shoot as they like and allowing a more advanced imaging experience.

The camera capabilities of a smartphone play a highly important role in the lives of the digital generation, and photography is now a key factor in consumers’ smartphone purchase decision. Realme is committed to developing the storytelling capabilities of its products with Dare-to-Leap imaging experience. The first ever 64MP photo taken using a smartphone shows realme’s determination in pursuing technology development and innovation. Fans can expect more surprises from realme this second half of the year.