Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Final Fantasy XV May 24th Update Revealed

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It’s already been established that Final Fantasy XV is an incomplete game, but Square Enix won’t let that be the case for the rest of its lifespan as the company will keep on churning out new content for it, mundane or of importance as they come. Now, the game is getting another update tomorrow, and here are some of the things you can expect.

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The first thing on the list will be the addition of “Mellow-Tasting Stinky Tofu” to Ignis’ repertoire of dishes after the survey results in Taiwan. Next up, the winner of the second Snapshot contest will be viewable at Hammerhead, for instant bragging rights. Square Enix also fixed an issue that caused the game to close while you’re on the Timed Quest ranking menu. Other than that, other bug fixes and adjustments have also been made.

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It doesn’t end there, though. Square Enix also teased a new costume for Noctis called “Jumper Style.” It will be available starting May 30th via the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store. You’ll like this one if you want Noctis to dress up like those Japanese gangsters you see in anime and movies.

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