Monday, October 9, 2017

Sledgehammer Responds to Call of Duty: WWII Hackers

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With hackers already managing to infiltrate Call of Duty: WWII Open Beta, it poses a lot of questions as to what the future of the game will be regarding its security. Of course, Sledgehammer isn’t exactly one to sit this one out and as such addresses the issue.

It is a bit surprising that hackers would even work on something that will only be available for a couple of days. On that regard, however, it’s much more surprising that there was no anticipation of hacking to even think of not implementing an anti-cheat measure during its availability.

“Sadly, there are always those who aim to spoil the fun, even in a beta,” Sledgehammer writes on the Activision Community page. “We have yet to deploy the suite of anti-cheat/hacking technology we will use when the full PC game is live. We take a level playing field extremely serious and will monitor and react to this as a top priority on an ongoing basis.”

So yeah, we’ll see how this goes when Call of Duty: WWII hits official release on November 3rd.

Source | Activision

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