Square Enix Looking for Final Fantasy VII Remake Core Staff; Release Date Likely Far-Off Than Anticipated

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Back in 2005, Square Enix played with the hearts of many when it showed a technical demo for Final Fantasy VII to showcase the capabilities of the then new PlayStation 3. However, the company wasn’t exactly known to deliver on fan expectations, leaving us to speculate if there will indeed be a remake. Fast forward to today and now we have gameplay videos and images of the remake, but it seems we won’t be getting it anytime soon as the team behind the game is currently recruiting planners and designers.

What does that mean, you ask? By the very definition of the job postings, which are for core staff positions, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is still on its early stages.  Currently, the wanted jobs are for a battle planner, level planner, BG designer, motion designer, VFX designer, and programmer for the remake. Game development isn't likely to shift people over, much more hire new employees, if the project is already nearing completion. 

But then again, these are just speculations, and we still don’t have a fixed release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Although if we’re right on the money, chances are we won’t be seeing the game in this decade.

Damn Nomura. Always hyping up a game waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the actual release date.

Source | Square Enix

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