Intel Announces New 'Ruler' SSD Form Factor, Houses 1PB of Storage Space

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Data centers aren’t exactly what you’d call exciting for us consumers, and even more so if you consider their pricing and availability. But if you really want to rile up the standard, Intel is doing great on that department. The company just announced the “Ruler” form factor for SSDs, which will, literally, rule the standard with 1PB of space in a 1U server rack in the future.

What’s 1PB, or petabyte, if you would want to ask? That’s literally 1000 TB of storage space.

“We are in the midst of an era of major data center transformation, driven by Intel. These new “ruler” form factor SSDs and dual port SSDs are the latest in a long line of innovations we’ve brought to market to make storing and accessing data easier and faster, while delivering more value to customers,” said Bill Leszinske, Intel vice president, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG), and director, strategic planning, marketing and business development. “Data drives everything we do – from financial decisions to virtual reality gaming, and from autonomous driving to machine learning – and Intel storage innovations like these ensure incredibly quick, reliable access to that data.”

Of course, the Ruler drives still aren’t out in the market, but the company says that it will offer them with both Optane and 3D NAND SSDs in the near future, so we’re looking forward to that.

Source | Intel

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