Star Ocean: The Last Hope to Get Remastered for PS4 and PC

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The Star Ocean franchise’s turning point is indeed, Till the End of Time. And from there, the interest of its loyal fans dwindled as the community were greatly divided over its plot twist that rendered the entirety of its universe in question. But whatever the case, Square Enix decided to throw in another entry, ‘Star Ocean: The Last Hope.’ Now, it seems it’s also getting a remaster for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Star Ocean 4 will get a 4K and Full HD remaster. 4K will be available for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Full HD for the standard PlayStation, while the PC version will of course get various resolution options.

I’ll be honest. I skipped 4 and 5 totally because of their poor story execution and bad voice acting despite a beautiful combat system. Now, with that said, it’s a sad note that this will be the very first Star Ocean to come out on PC.

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