Noctis and the Boys Enter the World of Minecraft

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Final Fantasy XV tie-ins are nothing new. In fact, Square Enix is hard at work in teaming up with several brands that it’s hardly a surprise to see Noctis and the gang appear in a lot of places. And we do mean a lot. On the other hand, the latest of which is what we’d probably call fresh with Minecraft receiving a Final Fantasy XV skin pack that’s available on every platform it’s available on, except mobile devices.

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The add-on is currently listed on the Australian PlayStationStore for $4.55. We’re not yet sure if the same pricing will reflect on other platforms, and we’ll keep you guys posted (if you’d like). What we’re sure about is that this won’t be the last tie up Square Enix will come up for Final Fantasy XV. We just don’t know what’s next.

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Source | PlayStation Store
Via | Siliconera

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