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The past couple of weeks has proven to be challenging. I’d account it to several things – being busy, lack of motivation to do write more, priorities, you name it. It’s not all that, however. What I think about it is a misstep towards the goals I’ve set when I started HEXMOJO. And it’s time for some recollection.

HEXMOJO is a blog I’ve created to put my thoughts in about the things that draw my interest and affection. We attempted to stand against the big league by following in their footsteps, and in doing so we’ve lost touch on what we’re really about.

We want to tell you our opinions, and we’re passionate with the games we play.

So, what will this realization bring about?

For one, instead of trying to play catch up with the competition, we’ll do things the way we wanted it. Share our opinions on what matters for us. The games, the hardware, the stories. There’s plenty to write about.

Us writing about news is different from us writing about what we feel about the news. Us telling you about a game is different from us showing you what we find great about a game. Us writing a product release is different from us telling you why you should be excited or not about it. We will feature.

Again, there’s plenty to write about. And at the end of the day, we all just want to have fun writing about the things we love to write about.

Here's to hoping for fun content ahead. 


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