OMG!!! It's DedSec! Watchdogs 3 Gameplay Details and Release Date Rumors

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Will we see more of DedSec? 
For a couple of months now, there are several rumors circulating around the internet on what Watchdogs 3 will be like. These rumors are now gaining a strong foothold on what gamers should expect for Watchdogs 3 and perhaps, these are more of a sneak peek than just rumors.

The lead character will be played by a lady named Sarah, who is half-Asian, half-English. Her character will be quite in contrast with Marcus Holloway from Watchdogs 2 as Sarah is working for a counter-terrorist organization that targets hacker groups. Her mission is to infiltrate and expose their doings. 

The game is set in a near-future Cyberpunk-ish London.

Parkour, which has been improved to have a more fluid feel, is still in the game, however this time, players can also skate and do graffiti. Players won't be able to use lethal weapons and can only utilize tasers and batons. Side missions will include shutting down drug dens. Players can also join or stop mob riots.

Release Date
The game is rumored to be released in November 2019.

Are you excited for Watchdogs 3?

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