Transcend StoreJet 25C3S 1TB External Hard Drive Review

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There’s no shortage of Transcend’s storage solutions here at HEXMOJO, it’s like we’re building a database for their products. Totally not the case. So, for today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Transcend StoreJet 25C3S, an external hard drive complete with luxury aluminum alloy housing together with USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface. Let’s get it on.


The Transcend 25C3S comes in the usual Transcend packaging. A red, black and white box with a clear cut out to show you the actual product, and in this case, it’s the 25C3S clad in aluminum alloy. Once you open up the packaging, you’ll be met with the external hard drive itself, coupled with other inclusions like a USB Type C to Type C cable and a USB Type C to Type A cable, as well as a quick start guide and a pamphlet for other of Transcend’s products. 


We’ve grown very familiar with Transcend’s design language when it comes to its external storage products despite the variety in the lineup. The Transcend 25C3S sports a luxurious design with its aluminum alloy exterior. 

It features CNC-finished edges while the Transcend logo is embossed on the case. Furthermore, it’s polished, sandblasted, and anodized. 


ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark is an industry leading benchmark that help measure performance of system storage such as hard drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays, and so forth.

ATTODiskBenchmark_2019-07-12_15-36-05.png (530×634)

Crystal Disk Mark

We begin with one of the storage benchmark standards with Crystal Disk Mark to measure both of its read and write rates through a series of tests.

Real World Performance

For the real world performance, we'll be using a set of 20GB file consisting of 119 video files, as well as an archived 16GB to test it out. The time is measured in seconds, and of course, lower is better.


It's a bit difficult to determine the value of a product especially when we don't know where we can find it and we have no idea how much it would cost. But if we're setting that aside and we're purely basing this on features, performance and design, the Transcend StoreJet 25C3S External Hard Drive comes out as a pretty straightforward storage solution that can get the job done while still looking super classy. Add up Transcend's Elite and RecoveRx software and a three-year limited warranty, it certainly is something you'll want to look at.

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