EXCLUSIVE: Patron 2 Announced - Getting To Know The Exorcism Team

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Move over John Constantine, the real deal is here.

Evil forces have always been part of pop culture. We would often battle with demons in our favorite video games and would control black magic to animate the dead in our favorite card games. We would also read about anti-hero comic characters who harness the energies of the underworld to save the world. However, in the end, only light can dispel the dark.

Source: AJ Perez
Story by AJ Perez, written by Jay Acosta and art by Gilbert Monsanto, Raymond Ferrer, Bryan Magnaye, Aaron Felizmenio and Daxx Bondoc, Patron tells the story of the Catholic exorcist, Father Zarate (or Father Z) and his team of young holy warriors and their fight against malevolent spirits. The story starts when a ghost hunter ventures to an old haunted house and is attacked by an evil spirit. The ghost hunter succumbs to CPS (Comatose Possession Syndrome) and is slowly dying. To save the wretched soul, Father Z assembles a team of four young teens to be his prayer warriors and aid when he casts the demon out. The problem here is that the possessed is in a coma state and this will require a special kind of exorcism. The teens have to enter a spiritual dimension so they can free the soul of the possessed from coma. The team is then able to cast the demon out and save the ghost hunter.

As book 1 ends, a new case for the team emerges and a new threat is on the rise. The team is also crippled as one of their members is gone.

On 16th of October, Patron comics in its Facebook page announces the release of book 2! This book will be twice as long and will explore more about the characters.  

There are just a lot of Patron content waiting to be read! - Facebook/Patron Comics

And that is just the beginning!

HEXMOJO is blessed to gather more details from its creator, AJ Perez himself! Here are some of the things that are in store for us in book 2.

Book 2 will focus on learning more about the characters. It can be seen in book 1 that Samantha, Ace, Kevin and King have their own personal struggles as they grow-up. This ranges from gaining parental approval to discovering one's self. More of these will be developed and even Father Z's life when he is young will also be explored.

Ana, a new character will also be introduced. What role will she play and will she be a part of the exorcism team?

It is mentioned in book 1 that Father Z and Samantha's dad had an issue back in '88. In book 2, we will learn what this is as both were best buddies and part of the same exorcism team back in their days.

Ace will still struggle with his family and with his competitive brother.

King will continue to explore his homosexual feelings despite Father Z's guidance.

Kevin will struggle with a supposedly good news.

Now, with all the struggles of the exorcism team, how will they be able to fight against the rising threat of their new case?

I can see that there will be a shift in Patron 2, from a story-driven to a character-driven plot. And with all the things happening above, I'm pretty sure each page will be ultimately exciting!

The four teens with their Patron - Ignitumtoday.com
Well, they are the real deal in battling demons.

Patron 2’s pre-order price will be at 300.00php and will be twice as long as the first book. Small price to pay for a story so great. Book 1 is also available for order for those who want to catch-up with the story. It is at 150.00php.

Here’s the payment detail for pre-orders/orders of Book 1 and 2 Patron Comics.

1. Email patroncomiccorders@gmail.com and indicate your name, mailing address, contact number, and number of copies you wish to order.

2. AJ Perez will reply with a confirmation of receipt of your order and indicate how much you should deposit (copies + courier delivery charge).

3. Deposit the said amount at this account:

BPI JP Rizal Branch
2369 0715 75
Anthony James Perez

4. Email the screenshot of deposit slip/online transaction confirmation.

5. Book 2 will be delivered 1st or 2nd week of December.

Deadline of pre-orders will be on the 15th of November.

To pre-order Patron 2 and to know more about Patron Comics, please like their Facebook page at:

You can also email patroncomicsorders@gmail.com

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