Hyper Heroes – Don't Count this Clone Out!

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Mobile gaming has been proven to be very profitable, with games such as Clash Of Clans, Summoners War and Puzzle and Dragons pioneering the mobile gaming market. It's no wonder tons of companies all over the world wants a piece of this pie.

This mobile gaming trend has led to a slew (which is an understatement) of second rate mobile-apps wishing to make it half as big, if not as big, as the mobile giants we come to know of now.

One of their (odd) ideas to capture the mobile market much easier and much quicker is to make the game play HIGHLY SIMILAR to proven titles. Another idea is to add in characters from famous anime and video games, then just slightly change the name or looks. PLENTY of games do both ideas.

Hyper Heroes is unfortunately one of those games.


Hyper Heroes, despite how I'll be pretty derisive to it, can be separated from the turd pack that's littering the App Store and Google Play.


It's what the header says.

Hyper Heroes boasts a marble-like gameplay, and I was impressed by this innovation. Until I found just a little bit recently that the gameplay tapers off from Monster Strike, which, apparently is a popular mobile game in Japan that also found its way on the 3DS, also in Japan. It's a neat little game with simple graphics so I suggest you go try that as well :)

Basically, the gameplay goes like this: you hold your finger over your screen when it's your turn, and pull them like a slingshot towards your enemy, and you will see them dash or bounce around your enemies to deal damage. Aiming well is key, especially against bosses or hard obstacles. If you know how the PC88 game Ys 1 works, then that's how it goes. You bump into enemies and treat your characters like some sort of marble figure. By marbles I mean the spherical stuff you used to play with as a kid, not the tiles.

Anyway, Like I said, it copies off Monster Strike in terms of gameplay and I swear some of the sounds may have come from there, and there's more!

Plenty of the characters (and when plenty I mean ALL of them) are based off popular heroes and champions from the long-time PC hits DOTA 2 and League of Legends. For comparison, the Hero Sword Sage of Hyper Heroes bears striking resemblance (pardon the pun) to DOTA 2's Juggernaut and a hero named Slashy Bushi is based on Yasuo of League of Legends. Look em up, I'm not kidding!

So what this game basically offers you is DOTA/LOL Monster Strike. In 3D. With a couple of maybe stolen assets here and there but I can't really verify or that I'll claim due to fear of slander or libel.

But if this is your kind of time-waster for the mobile then it's worth checking out, just to see how your favorite midlane champ transitioned to Hyper Heroes.


Sounds like I'm going off on a tangent here, and claiming that it's just a clone of a mobile game with renamed champions, but trust me, this is maybe the kind of treasure that games like these on this line of genre really needs.

It's got good graphics. The 3D isn't really PS3 tier or on par with other graphic-heavy mush that Gameloft releases on mobile, but it's good. And it works. Artstyle is gorgeous. The look and feel of Hyper Heroes does make Monster Strike look like a measely flash game off Y8. I can't really complain or praise it as much as I did in this paragraph.

The musical score is also passable for the mobile game genre. Going over the voices, you can hear the accent of Taiwanese or Chinese dubbers speaking in English but at least all of the characters have a decent line or two, compared to Summoners War's grunts and shouts only.

And for me really, the appeal to this is collecting your favorite MOBA expys and just the fun in slogging them thru minions and large bosses. There's also plenty of modes that were present in other mobile RPGs to break the monotony of the campaign mode.

For support, I guess it's fine since they keep an open and active Facebook page and give good compensations for server hiccups, which we will get to in a moment cause that's part of the negatives really.

These are the kinds of things Taiwan mobile hit Tower of Saviors did in spite of being a Puzzles and Dragons clone. If you're gonna copy something might as well innovate, and somehow 90KM Limited, the creator of Hyper Heroes, did this in decent fashion.


Like I said, the servers aren't really built or configured to be reliable for mass public consumption and 90KM knows this, hence the reason they chunked it up to a bunch of generic-sounding server names like EU-001 or NA-006 (Feels like a Vault number to me really).

Hand in hand, these two things (Server crashes and separation of servers) try to solve problems and create problems of their own. Servers are terrible, so they split it up to control the flow of data, while keeping the communities separated and not giving the game the community boost it really needs.

It's a new game, but it's been kinda quiet for some time that I've been playing it. The social factor isn't too big here so that's inherently a problem if I say so myself.

And another core problem of this game is that it can get boring really fast. Not just because the community is near inexistent, but because the gameplay itself can become very stale very fast. Sure I highlighted it as a positive that they added plenty of things to do but if you're one of those hardcore casuals (the most common oxymoron that I use) who want in on the ingame content, you're gonna get in.

So you can see all the problems plaguing the game which while I understand that this game is new and the company looks fairly new into the mobile venture, I do hope they will sort out these kinks I mentioned above.


All things said and done, as a video game enthusiast (I don't wanna use a cringey term such as gamer, which by the way are mostly used by Skyrim nerds), Hyper Heroes feels like it's Hyper on heart with regards to what it tries to do and innovates on what already exists. I love how the game looks and feels despite all the server mishaps I experience almost everyday. It's got it's own charm which I'm happy to see here.

I want this game to grow and improve on their strengths and repair their problems pronto, but I'm honest to goodness amused by the Facebook team addressing their problems in an honest and cheerful manner. So that's looking a little on the bright side.

There's another motivation to go on with this that others may not see: They know they're copycats. And they know they have to step their game up and innovate further to maintain and grow their fanbase. I admire them somewhat for this and I really expect great things from 90KM and Hyper Heroes.

This ends my review, I hope you enjoyed it and if you need a tl;dr on this you can always email or comment down below, so we'd know what you think of this review. Till then, adios every-nerdy! Thanks for reading.

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