Final Fantasy XV's Upcoming Patch Adds Stable Mode, Returns Timed Quests + Rankings

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When Final Fantasy XV's PS4 Pro patch containing the improved frame rate for said console was released, many gamers complained about it because the promised improvement was not achieved. The patch made the experience of playing the game on the PS4 Pro not as smooth as it was expected to be, making the game more enjoyable only on the standard PS4.

Now, Square Enix announced that the game is getting a new patch on April 27. The update will add an option to bring more stable frame rates on the PS4 Pro. The patch also includes the return of timed quests (which I'm anticipating to return since there's nothing left for me to do now that I'm done with the main story), rankings for the timed quests, new Regalia stickers, and new songs for the music player.

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To elaborate, the new resolution option is called “Stable Mode,” and this will provide gamers playing the game on their PS4 Pro consoles more stable frame rates to properly enjoy the game in 60 frames per second. For better visibility, the sizes of the subtitles and menu screen will be enlarged.

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When the new patch has been released, I'll be glad to go back to the world of Eos and finish the new side quest. Maybe I'll try to take down the Adamantoise too while I'm at it. For those who play the game on PS4 Pro and got the patch installed, feel free to share your thoughts on the new patch, especially if it truly improved the frame rates.

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