HEXMOJO New Year Giveaway Pt. II

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2017 was a great year for video games, and a great year for us as well! So, with that said, we want to start 2018 with a blast. Just like last year, we’re hosting another giveaway as a way to celebrate all the greatness 2017 brought, and the new year will be bringing into our doorstep. And we’re going to make it fun.

We’ll start out with the main course. We’re giving away a GAMDIAS P1 RGB Mechanical Keyboard. It has all the goodness of RGB, and some tactile feedback from its TTC Blue Switches. Plus, the macro settings ain’t too bad.

Next up, if you want to look really professional while you game, we’ve got another one from GAMDIAS right here, the AGON gaming glove. Now, I know, it isn’t what you’d typically wear on a normal day, but it is kinda fun to wear one from time to time.

Next up, how about games? We’re also giving away Bioshock Infinite, Aragami, and Beholder.

Sooo, to sum it up, here's the list of our prizes:

1. GAMDIAS P1 RGB Mechanical Keyboard
2. GAMDAIS AGON Gaming Glove
3. Bioshock Infinite
4. Aragami
5. Beholder

Follow the Rafflecopter window below to participate!

As for the rules, well, they’re very simple:
1. Participants must be residing in the Philippines.
2. Sharing is caring, so share this post publicly. It's a must. You can even rack up more points if you share daily.
3. That's about it.
4. Easy, right?
5. ???
6. Profit!

We'll be running the contest starting today until January 25th. Giving everyone about three weeks to join in the fun.

Good luck, everyone!

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