New Sony Patent for Drone VR Turns Real Life Objects into Video Game Elements

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It’s not everyday VR gaming takes off. Well, for one, probably the most exciting we’ve had is Summer Romance on PlayStation VR. There’s really not much comparison when it’s stacked up against couch experience. Now, it seems Sony wants to spice VR up a bit as it files for new patent drone VR tech that turns planes into freaking dragons.

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The new patent demonstrates a type of image translation tech on a server that then modifies a drone. Said drone can then transform the objects it sees into video game elements in real time such a, yes, a dragon, or whatever the developers want.

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What does this mean, exactly?

Well, for one, VR gaming is usually limited to the VR space and the person with the VR kit. In this sense, it’s the case of transforming the elements in the room into elements in a VR game, as perceived by the drone VR. Further developments suggest that the technology isn’t limited to objects. In fact, even sound elements are also part of the equation, where sounds can be replaced with video game replacements.

Where can this lead to? Well, for one, this could pump things up a bit in Lasertag rooms, or even horror-themed parks for more scare jumps.

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