Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 - Advancing the Modern World with IoT

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As the modern world’s rampant demand in new technological features to bring about a vision of the future, The Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo has been a paragon for it since it was first established. With the industry and public sectors brought together to bring about ideal solutions, the conference highlights new advantages, new technology, and new ideas that can bridge to new opportunities. This year, we have been invited to witness it all.

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The Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 took place at Nangang Exhibition Hall from March 27th to March 30th, bringing in over 210 exhibitors, 1050 booths, and 63 forums and panel discussions that highlight new solutions. This year’s edition revolves around the theme of Building Smart Cities on the IoT – building sustainable, liveable, technologically advanced cities that highlights efficiency with Internet of Things.

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The Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 launched with a flurry of recognitions awarded to foreign delegates with their respective innovations. And as the crowd cheered through its course, speeches and remarks from the Taiwan government were delivered, with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen recognizing the great potential of big data as well as smart city technologies.

The Future a Smart City Brings

Acer Building the Future of Transportation

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Acer was strongly present in Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo where they showcased their idea of the future of transportation. First off, Smart Parking Systems – true to its name, Acer’s Smart Parking Systems are designed to offer a more efficient parking experience for your vehicle through innovations such as a Parking Lot Access Control Validator that is secured and automated, a Cashless Automatic Payment System that seamless integrates online payment and integrates multiple rewards. Another one is the company’s e-Ticketing Validator for fully automated transfers, and payments through cards such as Mifare, Mifare plus, Mifare DesFire, Felica, and so forth.

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A Dongle Reader that accepts various types of contactless cards, Ticketing Kiosks for several applications, and Gate Validators for automated e-ticketing management.

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LITEON’s IoT City; A Bird’s Eye View

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Many of us would probably think of CDROMs and DVD Drives upon hearing LITEON’s name, but that’s not there all there is to it. The company has been hard at work in the industry of IoT to bring about an innovative approach in monitoring roads and monitoring, tracking health status, as well as connecting devices. From smart sensors to smart surveillance systems, LITEON gave us a bird’s eye view of what a Smart City can be.

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ASUS Life Technologies for Health Applications

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ASUS also has a department that’s heavily focused on IoT and health solutions industries, as the company showcases its AiNurse – an AI technology that offers a personalized experience based on a patient’s conditions assessed through devices that can determine health conditions.

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Smart Education in the Internet of Things

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With education being one of the very important aspects in each community, Smart City Summit & Expo this year runs parallel with an exhibition by the Institute of Digital Education of the Institute for Information Industry to focus on FuturE2D smart education to analyze the role of education in the development of society through three vital perspectives – environment, talents, and opportunities. Smart innovations in technology to further enhance and enrich the learning experience for students and make the process more immersive.

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