Apple Just Rejected Valve’s Steam Link App on iOS

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Valve’s Steam Link app for Android was met with huge fanfare, with fans a plenty so pleased with the convenience it brings, as well as its usability in the couch. The app was also slated for release for iOS devices. However, Apple does a complete 180 and rejects Valve’s application, rendering iPhone and iPad users missing out on the PCMR extension.

Ironic, considering the image for the Steam Link App on the Google Play Store shows that it was connected to an iPhone

The Steam Link app for iOS devices was first submitted to the Apple Store on May 7th of this year, and was set to be released. However, Cupertino notes that due to what it deems ‘business conflicts’ that were somewhat overlooked during the initial review, the Steam Link apps application was revoked.

There’s a huge chunk of iOS userbase in the whole share of devices, and this could be a big loss for Valve. The company however did try to appeal, but was still denied afterwards. Well, then. It’s a good thing that we’re primarily on Android. But then again, gaming is a whole lot better on the big screen.

Via | Ars Technica

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