NVIDIA Quietly Introduces a 3GB Version of the GTX 1050

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It looks like NVIDIA still isn’t done with the GeForce 10-series cards as the company introduces a new variation of the GTX 1050 GPU that features 3GB of VRAM.

The update comes from NVIDIA’s official website, and there weren’t any announcement emails sent to us. The GeForce GTX 1050 3GB is a bit similar to the GTX 1050 Ti. It comes with the same 768 CUDA core count, albeit with a higher base clock at 1392MHz and higher boost clock at 1518MHz. Instead of going with the 112GBps bandwidth on the GTX 1050 and the GTX 1050 Ti, the 3GB version only comes with 84GBps.

It’s interesting to see how much the GTX 1050 3GB will be priced. It stands on the middle ground of things, so we’re assuming it will fall around the $130 price point MSRP. Furthermore, with the 11-series GeForce cards coming in, we’re wondering why NVIDIA would even release the GTX 1050 3GB. It’s possible that the company usually ships three GPUs during announcements of new GPUs, while the entry level offerings waiting around at a later date.

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