Nintendo Launches Email Registration for Pending Pokemon Title on Switch

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Over a year has passed and there are still no signs of a good ol’ Pokemon games on Switch. Well, we do have Pokken Tournament, but that’s not really what you’ve been waiting for, is it? Whatever the case, it seems Nintendo and Game Freak are just about to get ready to make an announcement as a new page lets you register your email address for a yet to be titled Pokemon game.

Now, we have indeed heard of rumors on Pokemon Let’s Go! Eevee Edition and Pikachu Edition that kinda works like Pokemon Go. And of course, that’s not tradition. And we want tradition. E3 is coming very soon, and if Nintendo doesn’t show up with the Pokemon Switch during the event, that would indeed be a missed opportunity. There’s still the Tokyo Game Show 2018 if it’s still not ready. But if it still doesn’t show up there, then we’re not sure of about Nintendo’s priorities and ideas when it comes to the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has been released in March of 2017, and ever since we’ve had plenty of expectations on what a Pokemon game could be. At this time, all we’ve been doing are completing our backlogs and hoping that one day we could end the blood moon and feel that satisfying feeling when our master sword annihilates the last bokoblin in the planet.

Source | Nintendo UK
Via | Siliconera

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