Fortnite on Switch is Now Live!

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If you wanted to play a couple of matches of Fortnite on the go, you probably settled on an iOS device. Now, you can throw your iPhones away as the better PUBG now lands on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s pretty much what you’ve been expecting. Probably.

There have been numerous leaks before it was fully unveiled during Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference. It’s not exactly a well-kept secret, if you’ve been following the news. Well, whatever the case. It’s now available on the Nintendo eShop, and you don’t have to spend even a dime just to get it.

Do take note that the file size is around 2GB. If you’re wondering how it does that like we did, it’s not cloud magic. It could be based on the iPhone version that’s on the Switch, but either way we still find it pure magical.

Of course, do keep in mind nothing will probably have your good ol' keyboard and mouse combo beat. But hey, if you're on the busride to nowhere and you just want to kill time while you're at it, the controls on the Switch are pretty decent. That is until you try to aim.

Good luck!

Source | Nintendo eShop

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