Kingdom Hearts III and Other Releases Overshadow Final Fantasy VII Remake

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If you haven’t heard any new developments about Final Fantasy VII Remake that’s good, you’re not the only one. Now, if you’re wondering why this is the case, the main man Tetsuya Nomura himself has spoken.

Apparently, the lack of new info regarding Final Fantasy Remake isn’t because of its development status. Rather, it’s Square Enix’s decision to prioritize other games such as Kingdom Hearts III. Now, we’re not really one to talk here since we’re not game developers, but isn’t that exactly the same thing? We’re only speculating here but there’s the possibility that there’s no updates because there hasn’t been much development to date.

It actually has been so long since we last saw an update on Final Fantasy VII Remake. While we have indeed seen the photo with Naoki Hamaguchi with an Air Buster on the screen for Square Enix’s BD1 recruitment page, we can’t really rest assured that’s a substantial update. If anything, what we’d call substantial is this footage from PlayStation Experience 2015. You be the judge.

Kingdom Hearts III is a very important title for Square Enix due to it catering to two massive fanbases – Final Fantasy diehards and the whimsical Disney magic. However, the hype has been so much alive for Final Fantasy VII Remake that you’d think Square Enix would make that as a priority one.  

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Source | ryokutya2089 (Japanese)

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