PNY Ramps up the Hype at COMPUTEX 2018

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PNY is ready for COMPUTEX 2018, as the global consumer electronics and data storage technology leader showcases new innovations for the world to see.

The first of which is the PNY Elite-X Type-C USB 3.1 Portable SSD. As the name suggests, it’s quite a portable external storage device that comes with speed and portability to match. It comes in 240GB to 960GB options, giving you the flexibility in options depending on your needs. Furthermore, it also brings excellent performance with its read and write speeds of up to 800MB/s and 660MB/s respectively. PNY is also bundling it with Acronis True Image Data Protection, adding up more value in the package.

Next up, the PNY microSD Elite 512GB card is truly an elite on the showfloor. Its 512GB, the world’s largest capacity, is definitely something to behold. PNY sees the huge demand for expand storage for a multitude of purposes such as high quality videos, images, music, and documents. Think 80 hours of Full HD video, 100,000 photos if you will, and whole heap of games for your Switch. PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC card is rated U1 and performs at up to 90MB/s transfer speed.

The PNY DUO LINK OTG Micro-USB and DUO LINK OTG Type-C on the other hand are the perfect companions for your smartphones. They’re available in 16/32/64/128GB models, and it’s rated with speeds of up to 130MB/s. Got something to back up on your phone? Need to transfer some files back and forth? Looking to share files with others? No worries there. Oh, for your peace of mind if you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, there’s also one with a Lightning port so that’s all covered as well.  

That's not all there is to it, however. PNY also showcased their XLR8 lineup, giving us some fresh new take on their products to come!

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