Tetsuya Nomura Comes Clean; Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced Too Soon

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Fans of Final Fantasy VII have been demanding for a remake for years now, ever since Square Enix presented a tech demo during E3 2005. As the years progressed, hopes and dreams were soon to be a reality as Square Enix officially announced that there is indeed going to be a remake for the dearly beloved classic. Three years pass and a no-show at E3 2018, Final Fantasy VII Remake slowly becomes a shaky dream for everyone. Now, Tetsuya Nomura himself speaks up and concedes that the game was announced way too early than it should have been.

“I am well aware of the fact that we announced it too early,” said Nomura said on an interview with the Italian website Multiplayer. “but even in the industry, word was beginning to spread that we were working on the game, so we just decided not to keep it more secret and officially reveal it.”

In this instance, even word coming out that there was indeed development for the game, there’s no reason to announce it officially. As if Square Enix didn’t learn a thing or two about their progress with Final Fantasy XV, which was supposed to be Final Fantasy XIII Versus, and how the fans reacted to the delay of the game. Nomura may have been pressured by the fans and even Square Enix itself to make an announcement to keep the ball rolling, but at least come clean with a reasonable release date than inevitably pushing it back.

Let’s be real here. We all expected Final Fantasy VII Remake to steal the limelight for Square Enix’s E3 2018 appearance. That should have been the case, but the company’s line up for the expo was underwhelming at best. We kept our hopes up for PlayStation’s E3 hype, but it never surfaced.

Source | Multiplayer (Italian)
Translation | KH Insider

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