Top 10 Games on Steam You Can Buy Under Php100

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Don’t have that much cash to spend but still want to go legit all the way and move away from the life of piracy you once knew (or didn’t know even)? Well, then. Steam’s Intergalactic Summer Sale has got you covered. That’s only half the battle, however. While there is indeed a boatload of cheap-o titles on sale, you’ll have to filter it out to get the most out of it.

And that’s where we come in. Here are the top 10 games on Steam that you can buy for less than the price of a Beep Card.

Price: Php67.48
There are four of you guys, and a horde of zombies. Pew pew pew

Price: Php55.48
Here’s another bundle for you. If you’ve got the love for puzzles and guns minus the action, the Portal bundle is dirt cheap on Steam. It’s a fun, challenging brain teaser with cake. ‘nuff said.

Price: Php88.49
I’m not even sure why we need to explain this. Anyway, Tomb Raider is the reboot we deserve from the guys at Crystal Dynamics and published by the now evil Square Enix. Your main weapon is a bow and you can decimate a whole army of veterans and hired guns. Fun!

Price: Php79.98
Everything. Is. On. Fire. 10/10 worth your Php79.98.

Price: Php28.99
For most of us ‘90s kids, CRTs and big hulking yellowing towers were graced with one thing, and a whole lot of variations of it. Half-Life. Or Counter-Strike if you didn’t believe alien guns were competitively fair. So, now that you’re old enough to buy it legit, why not? Right?

Also, there’s no bundle for Half-Life alone, only for the whole Valve Complete Pack. So get them separately if you don’t want to get the Complete Pack.  There's the Orange Box, but its price is a bit unreasonable at the moment.

Price: Php97.48
Well, Blizzard’s Diablo franchise isn’t on Steam. And it’s not really cute. So, if you want a cute Diablo game on Steam, then that’s Bastion for you. EZ.

Price: Php99.99
If by any chance you missed Red Barrels literally giving Outlast away for free plenty of times, you many want to at least give them your money for all their hard work. Outlast is currently on sale for Php99.99, so you be months ahead of Halloween.

Price: Php83.99
Did dungeon crawling get so boring for you? Well, then. Add up a rhythm gimmick to spice it all up.

Price: Php79.98
If you’re looking for a sandbox game where you’re in full control, Garry’s Mod would be it. You know what, I don’t even need to justify this. It’s not that I’m getting lazy on explaining, but I would even run a giveaway just for this.

Price: Php48.96
This is a joke. We’ve ran out of ideas.

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