What in the World is Fallout 76?

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Bethesda may have went on ahead to steal Nintendo’s thunder for Pokemon Let’s Go, but that doesn’t mean it was a success and we’re all hyped up for the company’s up and coming game.

Fallout 76 was recently announced through a teaser that managed to indeed keep us tuned in on the stream.  It starts out with some sweet, soulful music of Take Me Home, Country Rodes. And ahhh, the beautifully traditional abode. But then on the telly, a man with a ridiculously charming voice speaks tasking you to rebuild.

But that’s not all there is to it. Or rather, that’s what we just know so far. Anonymous sources suggest that it won’t be similar to previous entries in the franchise. And instead of the traditional role playing RPG, it will play like Rust and DayZ.

Other than Pokemon Let’s Go being a huge disappoint, or a blueball straight in the face of Switch users, there’s still plenty of stuff for Fallout 76 left out in the dark. The odd naming convention, too. What is that about?

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