Fantasy Life Online Set to Officially Go Live in Japan July 23rd

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In today’s episode of Japan gets all the good things, Level-5, the guys responsible for most of the whimsical titles on major platforms today, has just announced that its smartphone game Fantasy Life Online is set to start on July 23rd

How cool is this? Now, if you haven’t exactly been following Xbox projects, then it might not sound as surprising. For one, we’re hoping we’re not reaching, but it would be great if this is a continuation of the canceled True Fantasy Live Online for the Xbox and Xbox Live service in Japan. It looked pretty fun during its time, and our mind went full with what-ifs when it got scrapped before it was even born.

Of course, the new title would most likely be a simple social game. It’s on smartphones, after all. But whatever the case, we could probably do well with a game like this. That is, if Level-5 decides to have it localized.

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