Live the Horrors of P.T. with this Remake in Unreal Engine

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P.T. is a horror story on its own that you don’t really need to play it to get in on the Konami hate train, but if you prefer going mentally unstable over jump scares and Norman Reedus in Fox Engine, there’s still some chance for you. Albeit this time all of its glory in Unreal Engine with a fan remake.

From RadiusGordello, the Unreal version of P.T., aptly called Unreal PT sought to capture the essence and atmosphere of the original player teaser that saw its way on the PlayStation 4 back in August of 2014 (It’s been that long already?)

You can now get it for free up on RadiusGordello’s page at

And as indicated, “The gameplay is nearly identical to the original. The biggest difference is the very end of the game has been changed slightly to make beating it more consistent. The controls are explained as the game progresses, but if you get stuck at any point I've included two text files in the main directory, one with the controls, the other with a guide on how to beat the game”

For the system requirements, check below:
CPU: i3-7100U 7th Generation with Intel HD 620
GPU: Integrated
HQ SSR Turned off and resolution at 35% gets ~30fps with these specs

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