ASUS ROG Strix Edge Vertical Gaming Mouse Pad Review

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Mouse pads. Undervalued, underrated. But lo and behold they could be a huge deciding factor in your game that we’d brand these things unsung heroes. Do you really think that cheap-o CD-R King can do justice to your eSports career? Think again. Which brings us to today’s product in review, ASUS’ Strix Edge gaming mousepad. Onwards.


The Strix Edge gaming mouse pad arrives in ASUS’ signature design together with that flashy neon ROG Strix logo. And inside it is the mouse pad itself. What else were you expecting? It’s a mouse pad. Were you looking for stickers? Not gonna lie. We pretty much did expect some nifty freebies like stickers or emblems for reasons that we had to double check ASUS’ website to confirm if there’s one. There’s none.

ASUS also gives you a quick overview on the features of the Strix Edge. Honestly by the sound of the product name you’d think of it as something other than a mouse pad were the feature overview hadn't given it away yet. Anyway, the highlighted features give you a quick rundown on what you’re getting with the Strix Edge, so that’s fine and all.


Out of the box, the Strix Edge is rolled for convenient storage. Pull it out and that’s basically what you’re getting here.

It's massive!

The Strix Edge is quite humongous for a vertical mouse pad and I’m going to need a bigger desk. It measures 400 x 450 x 2mm and weighs around 260 grams. It’s makes quite a wide room for your mouse movements, but again you’ll have to consider making room for it first.

The 2mm thickness also provides a slight padding for your wrist and hand. It’s soft and smooth, yet it’s not as thick.

Honestly, the Strix Edge comes off as curious at first glance. Most would prefer more horizontal space to make room for large mouse movements but 400mm wide is roomy enough for such cases. The extra vertical space on the other hand is usable as a wrist protection on the edge of your desk. It might look awkward hanging from your desk, but it does get the job done pretty much.

Doesn't exactly offer a proper scale, but here's the ASUS ROG Strix Impact for reference

ASUS doesn’t lie when it claimed the Strix Edge pairs perfectly with ASUS ROG Strix gaming mice. The mouse pad’s surface provides the right amount of friction to match up the ROG Strix Impact’s feet for our ideal precision control.

The Strix Edge’s non-slip rubber base also works great in keeping the mouse pad secure and locked in place. Moreover, the full-color anti-fray stitching on the corners adds up to the durability as it protects the mouse pad from, well, fraying.


If you’re shooting for true eSports glory, then it probably goes without saying you’ll want the best gears that you can get your hands on, and in this case, literally. There are quite a number of mousepads in different sizes and textures that can fill you in with your requirements.

The ASUS Strix Edge is quite a particular mouse pad given its vertical orientation, making it somewhat of a unique offering in the market today. It’s not its unconventionality that would win your decision, however. While it could be one, we’re liking the Strix Edge for its roomy space, and its cloth surface providing smooth precision mouse controls and comfort in between. At the price of around $30/Php1,650 however, it does put it above the competition. If you’re one with the Republic of Gamers and you want to wave your ROG flag on top of an elevated gaming experience with a proper gaming mouse pad, the ROG Strix Edge will definitely shine through.

That doesn't mean it's exclusive to the ROG folks, though. If you're grand for their design and you want a spacious mouse pad that boasts impressive qualities, then it can work for you, too. That is, if you're happy to handle ASUS' asking price for it.

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