Interview with Tetsuya Nomura Reveals New Information on Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode and DLCs

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You’re probably already done with Kingdom Hearts III and at this point, you’re still scratching your heads because you’re in desperate need for more post game content or you just want the questions to stop popping at every corner. It’s a good thing Dengeki just had Kingdom Hearts III Director Tetsuya Nomura covering your dire inquiries from Critical Mode to DLCs so you can still look forward to more things and not just resell your game.

Translations by Google Translate, and Spoilers Ahead

Dengeki: It is nearly 17 years since "Kingdom Hearts" was released on March 28, 2002. "Kingdom Hearts III" came to a break of completion of "Dark Seeker Edition" which lasted 17 years, but "Kingdom Hearts III" was safely sold all over the world and sold 5 million books. Please tell me the impression that received much reaction in the whole world and so far.

Mr. Tetsuya Nomura: As far as I can see the exact data combined with the DL version for numbers, it is a good result far beyond my expectations. I am currently working on DLC so I do not feel like finished yet and sleeping time has become shorter after release.

Dengeki: Although it seems that there is no "critical mode" in difficulty in this work, please tell me if there are reasons for not introducing.

Mr. Tetsuya Nomura: Originally the critical was not the original version but the mode we had put in with the additional elements of the final mix version, so this time we will be in the form of delivery later this time. Changing the numerical value to strengthen is not the end, but adjustment and debugging are repeated. We are making adjustments so that we can find the pleasures unique to critical rather than merely difficult modes.

Dengeki: There are some institutional members who still have unknown names, but are there opportunities for them to talk about future scratches on the forehead of Isa?

Mr. Tetsuya Nomura: If there is a sequel, there may be opportunities but the present desire within me is a blank sheet.

Dengeki: Ventus and Roxas were drawn to make the process of resurrection easy to understand, but how did Zion revive with the circumstances and joined the True XIII Organization?

Mr. Tetsuya Nomura: I think that it is within the range that can be observed, but I will explain it with DLC.

Dengeki: Please comment on possible epilogue and secret, including supplements, as much as possible. I am also concerned about the existence of "VERUM REX" YOSOLA which came out also in "TOYBOX".

Mr. Tetsuya Nomura: Together with each other, it is a prelude to the story told if there is future. Secret seems to have various speculations, but it is not as simple as you can understand at the moment.

Dengeki: Please let us know if you have any plans to update after release or DLC etc. Also, what about the possibilities like "Final Mix" and about the next "Kingdom Hearts" series?

Mr. Tetsuya Nomura: Up until now, we have prepared a separate package as "Final Mix" but I would like to add all the additional elements with DLC this time. I think that free DLC will be issued in the form of additional updates from what I can do, but pay DLC is planning to put out several elements at once as a batch. As a result, I am pleased that it will take some time to produce a fee-based DLC, but as soon as possible within the year as soon as possible, I would like the team to undertake the next work.


Quite frankly, Kingdom Hearts III is lacking on post game content, especially if you compare it with Kingdom Hearts I and II. KH1 had Kurt Siza, The Phantom, The Ice Titan, and most importantly, Sephiroth. And those are just the optional bosses. On KH2’s side, while we only had Sephy as the only optional baddie, it had more story to tell than Kingdom Hearts III.

But yeah, we’re at the age where DLCs solve plenty of things. So we’re hoping they can resolve at least some of the issues some of us refuse to accept just because.

Also, Kairi, turns out you’re the new Lunafreya. Wait, no. At least Lunafreya did something.

Source | Dengeki Online

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