Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition Goes Live on Steam and PlayStation 4

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Square Enix has just dropped the free version of its brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for the PlayStation 4 and Steam. RIP Xbox One.

The free version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will come with a weekly rotation of four characters to play with. After a week goes, you’ll be able to play a new set of characters. You’ll also be able to play offline and online. As for the story mode, chances it won’t come in the package. As if Square Enix would be that generous. Heh.

Individual characters and weapons can be purchased so you can keep them even when they’re no longer in rotation. It’s kind of like who’s going to be your main, I guess? But hey, if you’re not really up to playing roulette and see which one’s for you, the Standard Edition is available for $30, or go all out with the Deluxe Edition with access to six characters, color variations if you need some flair, and two additional weapons.

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