STFU IGNITE Showcases Silverstone’s Products in the Philippines

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Silverstone and Fine Upgrades invited us over to showcase its latest products in the Metro, and oh boy you’re going to love what they have in store for you. From feature-rich, beautiful cases to new and innovative products, the company is ready to deliver.

The RVZ03-ARGB Deserves its Highlight Reel

The Silverstone RVZ03-ARGB is set to redefine small form factor cases. Despite its size, it can support GPUS up to 330mm, allowing you to equip it with most high-end GPUs to date. Furthermore, it also supports mini-ITX motherboards and ATX PSUs, giving you a wide array of building possibilities.

If you’re also worried about airflow, the RVZ03-ARGB features positive air pressure design to deliver superb cooling while maintaining silence and preventing dusts. It even has room for AIO liquid cooling. If that’s not enough, the RVZ03-ARGB has a snazzy front panel that comes with addressable RGB light strip. It’s the perfect case for any occasion.

Flip it and Reverse it with the RL08

This is a bit unconventional, but the Silverstone RL08 is a micro-ATX chassis that takes things a bit differently. It’s part of the company’s Redline series. It’s also an inverted layout with this one as well. The motherboard is on the left side, and your video card is facing up.
RL08.png (411×487)

Superb Cooling with AIOs and Slim Fans

Silverstone also highlighted its TD02-RGB and TD03-RGB. The former is a 240mm All-in-One liquid cooler with built in RGB, anti-vibration rubber pads for noise dampening, and is compatible with a wide array of sockets. The latter of which sports all that as well, only smaller at 120mm.

Moreover, the FW124-ARGB is the world’s first slim 120mm addressable RGB fan. It’s 15mm thick, and it comes with optimized fan blades for balanced air pressure and airflow. Furthermore, it’s PWM enabled for silent or high performance applications.

Power Overwhelming with Silverstone PSUs

Looking to make an impressive SFF build? You'll want to take a look at Silverstone's SX700-G power supply. This 700W PSU features the SFX form factor, and is quite silent running at 92mm FDB fan with 18dbA minimum sound level. It comes with all Japanese capacitors, and is gold certified as well.

Now, if you want absolute power, the Strider 2000 Platinum PSU. It carries the 80Plus Platinum badge, giving you peace of mind when it comes to reliability. It. Is. Massive. Did we mention it's also modular? It's also the smallest to date.

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