Final Fantasy VII Remake Teaser Trailer Appears on PlayStation State of Play

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Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced too early as Nomura mentioned many moons ago, but things are looking like they’re coming together bit by bit. At the PlayStation State of Play broadcast, Square Enix gave us a glimpse of Final Fantasy VII Remake featuring the characters and core gameplay. Watch the teaser trailer here:

“Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month,” said Nomura on Twitter.

Barret's looking all good
You don't need to know their names for plenty of reasons, or just one. They'll most probably die horrible deaths
We all probably forgot his name. I want to say Chad

Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinari Kitase also wrote on the PlayStation Blog

“Finally… the long awaited moment has come. Sorry to keep you all waiting so long!

We hope you enjoyed the footage shown during State of Play. It was quite short, but hopefully you enjoyed seeing Cloud and Aerith brought back to life with such realistic graphics.

And oh my god! Did you notice he was there too…?

Can you really have a teaser trailer without Sephy?

We are preparing to release more official information in June, but we wanted to try something new here on State of Play by showing you this special trailer as a taste of what’s to come.”

Details are still sparse. However, more details will come next month. We’re still not sure if Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive on the PlayStation 4 since the inevitable PlayStation 5 is coming in a year or two, or three if you want to embrace your PS4 and you still want the best console.

Oh, and Aeris is still looking great as ever! Okay, Aerith.

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