Grab Sims 4 for Free on Origin Right Now

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The games on EA’s Origin doesn’t usually go on sale, and when they do, you’d probably hard pressed to get them especially if you’re already subscribed to Origin Access. But now, EA wants to make good as it makes The Sims 4 free. 

To get the game, simply launch Origin and either search for The Sims 4 or browse for it. Oh, and just in case you get some issues like we did (like it being limited as a gift offer to someone else in your friends list), we suggest add the game to your wishlist and get it from there.

The offer lasts for 6 days and 8 hours at the time of writing. That’s easily enough time to get you started on a free game. It’s yours to own to, and you can shell out for some neato DLC if you want.

Source | Origin

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