Smite Datamining: More Information on the First God from the Yoruba Pantheon

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African gods are coming to Smite!
With Smite's sneak peek of their 2019 God Plan, it is highly expected that the Yoruba Pantheon will come out after the release of Horus and Seth. In fact, early datamining finds Olorun, the Supreme Being of the Yoruba to be the first god of that pantheon.

Who is Olorun?
Aside from being one of the chief gods of the Yoruba, Olorun is the ruler of the heavens and is considered the creator god. Aside from that, Olorun is also a sun god.

Smite 6 R5 Neo Olmypia Datamining gives more information of this god in the game. With the passive skill of Olorun, he is being perceived as the first hybrid god to do critical hits with magical damage. There are talks before of having a magical assassin and perhaps we will see it now in Olorun. As datamined, the below are the possibilities on how he is able to magically crit:

  • Olorun is a mage with the ability of making basic attack crits.
  • Olorun is a mage with the ability of making crits (Skill based or basic attacks)
  • Olorun is a mix of Magical power & Physical power, being the first hybrid god.
  • Olorun is Physical power based (assassin) but scales somehow with magical power so you can build him magical for crits or physical for damage.

His basic attack is a projectile and his passive has different properties:
  • Minimun Magical Power: 100
  • Starting Crit Chance: 10%
  • Critical Chance per Magical Power: 0.10
  • Max Crit Chance: 60%

Either way, Olorun may be the first hybrid god. However, as datamining goes, this should be taken with a grain of salt as there may be changes along the way. Though it's kind of bad not to see Olorun being a magical assassin.

For more information on Smite 6 R5 Neo Olmypia Datamining and Olorun's abilities, check:


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