The Redmi Note 7 Went Out of this World, Literally

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Durability tests usually involve a couple of things. Dropping smartphones from several feet high, scratching the screen and even burning it, submerging it in acid or putting it inside a blender. Some unconventional, but you get the point. Xiaomi has a bit of a different approach as it takes the Redmi Note 7 to the stratosphere with a balloon for a truly out-of-this-world experience. Oh, and it took some photos on its way as well. Nifty.

By the numbers, the Redmi Note 7 was flown into space and took some snazzy pictures at 31,000m altitude before it came crashing down without so much a scratch even. Apparently, the Redmi team did plenty of science, and we actually won’t bother with discussing them. Better watch it instead.

Oh, and here are the photos.

Also, it didn’t necessarily crashed and burned. Far from it. The Redmi Note 7 actually survived the fall and walked away unscathed to be used for another high flying experiment. Maybe.

Via | GSMArena
Source | YouTube

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