ECS Highlights New Generation of LIVA Mini PCs at COMPUTEX 2019

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ECS has been busy building up its LIVA series of mini PCs, and the company indeed has come a long way from the very first LIVA mini PC that we got to take a spin of several years ago. Fast forward to today at COMPUTEX 2019, ECS is once again showcasing what’s new for the series.

LIVA SFF 110-A320

The LIVA SFF 110 A320 is an AMD Ryzen powered mini PC that’s quite capable for light gaming and workloads. It makes use of either a Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 APU. You can also upgrade its memory (SO-DIMM) and storage (via M.2 slot), and you can even mount it since it supports VESA. ECS also showcased a variant that features a capture card onboard for live streaming, making it a viable option for content creators as well.

LIVA Z3 Plus

ECS showcased the LIVA Z3 Plus that features Alexa built-in for a premium voice activated experience. It can also be paired with ECS’ Sirocco, a battery-powered voice access point to wireless extend your communication with Alexa. With the setup, users will be able to control smart home devices, as well as access a plethora of Alexa skills. All it takes is a voice. 

ECS Smart Charging Solutions 

LIVA Mini PCs aren’t the only things at ECS’ showfloor. The company also featured its smart charging solutions. The LIVA Smart Charger on site features plug-n-Charge, a secured payment via multiple truncation methods, central management of advanced features for the site or fleet owners, and it’s also integrated with renewable energy sources. 

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