Into The Magical Past: The Girl Who Sees Part I Set to be Released 30th June

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They say that one of the best ways to educate people is through video games. From the historical events of World War II in Call of Duty to the gods and goddesses of Smite, one would be surprised as gamers tend to know more about world history and mythology of different cultures.

The Girl Who Sees, a Filipino 2D point and click Indie game developed by InterIntellectus, explores the Philippines' history and folklore during the Japanese occupation of World War II. This game lets one traverse magical forests, fight mythical beings while learning Tagalog vocabulary on the side.


Quina Laban - a young village girl who has the ability to see Tagalog words in her surrounding.

Edgar - a dwarf who is in need of translating an ancient mysterious helix hunted by evil creatures.


Set in the mystical woodlands of southern island of  the Philippines, which is Mindanao. 


As they say, one can fight using a sword or a pen. This game offers a unique gameplay experience as players have the option to finish the game through fierce battles or calm diplomacy. These modes are the Battle Mode and the Discovery Mode.

In the Battle Mode, the players can strategically fight magical creatures hindering the way forward while the Discovery mode is through answering trivia questions about culture, history and folklore of the Philippines.


The game will be available in PC/MAC and can be purchased and downloded on the 30th June 2019 through

We just can't wait on the 30th to get this game! We're excited already!

For more information on The Girl Who Sees, please visit 

Image source: The Girl Who Sees FB page

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