More Challenging Dungeons and Dragons Experience with Puzzles, Predicaments and Perplexities

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A good Dungeons and Dragons experience is not always about the interactive narrative and epic battles that make everyone the heroes of the realm. Sure, these are the things that a party enjoys during a campaign, from uncovering dark secrets of a player's character as that player progresses in the story to a monumental battle that will result to either the salvation or a destruction of their world. Yet how players move from point A to point B in a campaign is the gist of the enjoyment in DnD. This movement is usually comprised of riddles and mysteries to be solved by the party. These make a DnD campaign more exciting than it already is!

Written by Steve “Jaspor” Orr and Bill Putrino, Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities is a collection of brain teasers and riddles that provides different levels of complexity to players. An easy puzzle would make the campaign bland and even taken for granted. Tough riddles would make the players frustrated. This unofficial supplement to Dungeons and Dragons campaigns gives an adjustable difficulty to balance things out. Dungeon Masters would surely love this supplement.

This title includes:
  • 10 original puzzles for use in your adventures.
  • Instructions on how to scale the difficulty of the puzzles for characters of all levels.
  • Hints for each puzzle to guide players towards the solution without simply giving it away.
  • Guidance for customizing the puzzles to fit into your own adventure, campaign, or original world.
  • Optional “Raise The Stakes” sidebars for making puzzles more deadly.
  • 5 original maps suitable for in person or online play.
  • 4 original hand-outs that help visualize the layout, runes, and symbols involved with some of the puzzles.
  • A table listing of spells potentially triggered by failed solutions organized by Tier and danger level.

As they say, "A sharp mind is just as important as a sharp sword."

Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities is available on DMs Guild for a discounted price of $3.99. The purchase price will increase to $4.99 after June 11.

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