NECA Unveils Final Packaging Photos of Alien Newborn

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For quite sometime now, NECA Aliens fans have been clamoring for a Newborn action figure, and in the next glorious months, these clamors will now be in the shape of the Deluxe Figure Alien Newborn being held in their trembling hands.

This Newborn Alien 7″ Scale Deluxe Figure is part of the upcoming Alien Series 14 which is inspired by the movie, Alien: Resurrection, the fourth film in the Aliens saga. This 11″ tall figure is set to have over 30 points of articulation and will include a usual figure stand.

For those who haven't watched Aliens: Resurrection, this monstrosity is a human-Xenomorph hybrid. The Newborn, as commonly referred to, is the result of an experimented Queen Xenomorph where it is contaminated with human DNA. This is one of the reasons why the Newborn has a resemblance of a  distorted human skull and face. Also, instead of having a typical Xenomorph life cycle (facehugger-host-Xenomorph), the Newborn came to be due to a live birthing process as a womb is implanted in the queen.

NECA has announced last 21st June that the Alien Newborn is ready to be shipped to retailers in late July. The packaging is now ready and we can't wait to get our hands on these!

Oh you beautiful baby, come to mama!

Images: necaonline and NECA - N.E.C.A FB Page

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