Panther Gaming Chair Review: Yay or Nay

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Panther Gaming Gear, an online shop in the Philippines is one of the sellers of  perhaps the cheapest gaming chair ever. Currently priced at Php 3,950.00 ($75.84 USD), we'll see if the price is really worth it for this chair.


One of the things that make this chair sell out is its design. The color combinations range from black and gold to pink and white. The one I have has an awesome mix of white and black.

However, as I was assembling it, I noticed that some parts of the chair have a yellowish discoloration. My initial thought was this may be factory rejects. Check out the image below:

These are not always noticeable especially if you are sitting on the chair. I shrug these off as my thought is this chair is for comfortably sitting on. Yet, if one is a perfectionist, these stains are a total turn-off.


Panthera gaming chair, as most gaming chairs do, comes with a soft and comfy headrest and a back massager. This is pretty convenient as I tend to play 10 - 12 hours a day.

With these, my head and my back are restful, yet the seat pad is my problem. It seems to be made of thin foam where my behind can actually feel the base of the seat. There are times when I have to stand up to ease the growing numb feeling back there.


As the most important point in this review, I have few concerns regarding safety. The backrest of the chair is connected to the tray by a small T-shaped metal. I have been thinking that this metal cannot accommodate heavy weight when reclining and might break off, a potential cause for injury. This is also a question of whether this metal can support prolonged reclining.

Additionally, whenever I recline to the sides, the armrests give a wobbly feeling that one can fall off anytime. These armrests are connected by two screws drilled into the wooden base and backrest.



- Cheap price
- Excellent color combinations and design
- Comfy back and head rest


- Yellow discoloration on the fabric
- Thin foam on the seat pad
- Wobbly armrest and unconvincing capacity to support heavy weight and prolonged reclining

With all those points considered above, I would say that the Panthera Gaming Chair is quite decent especially for its low (if not the lowest) price. Of course we can't expect a Secretlab Omega and DXRacer levels for a price of $75.84 USD. However, if you are a perfectionist or has a heavy body built, then this chair is not for you.

With the materials used for this chair, I would say that this has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years, but surely this depends on the gamer's use.

Rating: 2.5/5

Cover Image Source: Panther Gaming Gear FB page 

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