Speculations on Netflix's Magic the Gathering

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We're pretty sure this is gonna be hot! Oh, hello there Chandra
By now, both Magic the Gathering and Netflix fans know that the Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo are developing a Magic the Gathering animated series. Henry Gilroy (a writer on “Star Wars Rebels”) and Jose Molina (“The Tick”) will serve as lead writers.

Even though the Russo brothers stated that this animated series will be an original story, Magic the Gathering's immense multiverse with its diverse setting, numerous characters, plots and story arcs lead us to think on what will be the direction of this show.

Chandra Nalaar as the main protagonist

This speculation is based from that female figure in the cover photo. Chandra Nalaar, a hot tempered pyromancer may be the lead in this series and some of its story elements may be derived from Laura Resnick's planeswalker novel, The Purifying Fire.


Magic the Gathering multiverse is set on different planes of existence. Think of planes as planets, with the living (and sometimes non-living!) having their own cultures and races. With over 60 known planes in the whole game, here are some planes that we think we'll see in the series:

Kaladesh - if Chandra Nalaar will be the main protagonist, then we sure think that Kaladesh, her homeland will be in the show.

Ravnica - this is perhaps the most famous plane in the whole of Magic the Gathering. In fact, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign has integrated this setting in one of the tabletop campaigns. Ravnica, also known as the City of Guilds is divided into ten districts, one for each of the guilds. The latest expansion (War of the Spark) of the trading card game was set in this plane.

Voice Actors

Well, if this is animated then we want to hear these people voicing our favorite characters out!

Ajani Goldmane - an unyielding albino leonin (humanoid lion) with a heart of gold. We want Liam Neeson to voice him, because hey, Aslan!

Chandra Nalaar - a young passionate pyromancer who values freedom. Sophie Turner? We don't know but this whole X-Men Dark Phoenix thing is messing up with us. Oh, and Felicia Day is a good bet too.

Gideon Jura - a true soldier who holds chivalry and self-sacrifice with high esteem. We're thinking of Jason O'Mara (Batman in Justice League Dark) for the cool and suave macho voice.

Jace Beleren - a cunning mind mage. Matt Ryan from Constantine may do the trick as we find some similarities with Jace and the Hellblazer in their playful and sometimes sarcastic remarks with other folks.

Liliana Vess  - a regal and elegant queen of the dead. Liliana is one of the most powerful necromancers in Magic the Gathering. For this, we see Angeline Jolie (yes, Liliana has that Maleficient feels in her) and Lena Headey of King's Landing as both fit for the role.

These are just some of the things that we guess while waiting for the release of the show. Also, we can't help but think that there will be many Easter Eggs in the series. We just can't wait to see the show and find them!

Let us know your thoughts! What are you looking forward to in this series?

Image source: Netflix

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