Spice Up Philippine Independence Day with Pinoy Indie Fighting Game Debut

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For Filipino gamers, this may one of the best ways to commemorate Independence Day as Bayani, a Filipino Indie Fighting game will debut on Steam Early Access on 12th June! 

Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi (Hero: Who Will You Ally With?), is a 1v1 fighting game where the characters are heavily inspired by Philippine historical figures and landmarks. Set in the seemingly Dystopian year of 8096, this game resides in an alternate timeline with some connections and references to the history of the Philippines. However, the game characters and their story lines don't depict historical events.

Developed and announced by Ranida Games during the 2016 Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit at the SMX Convention Center in Pasig, we will finally see this game on Steam! 


As mentioned, the characters of this game are inspired by real life historical figures. Players get the chance to pick their favorite national hero and have their fists connect to their enemies' faces. Here's who we know so far:
  • Joe - based from Jose Rizal. A fencer with special powers using books.
  • Lolang Tsora (Grandma Tsora) - based from Melchora Aquino. A mage.
  • Tonio - based from Antonio Luna. The brawler in the group.
  • Leon - based from Emilio Aguinaldo. Can transform his hand into a gun or a sword.
  • Dre - based from Andres Bonifacio. An undead (based from the game trailer).
  • Oria - based from Gregoria De Jesus. Twin lightsabre wielding swordsman
  • Rio - based from Apolonario Mabini. A summoner.
  • Fernando - based from Ferdinand Magellan. Seems like the ultimate villain in the story. 

On its early access, the game will feature four playable characters, three game modes (arcade, versus and training), three stages, full soundtrack and partial voices.

Here's the full game trailer by Ranida Games:

Source: Bayani.ph and Bayani - Fighting Game FB page

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