You Can Now Run Android on the Nintendo Switch, But Why Would You Want To?

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If you’re feeling bored with your Nintendo Switch because it’s doing what it intends to do. You know, like run your games as it should? Well, you could always be adventurous and do stuff with it. Because apparently, you can now run Android on your Switch. Fun times ahead!

A video from xdadevelopers shows the Switch running on Android with LineageOS off an SD card. Now, there are plenty of reasons to do this. For one, you get to enjoy the beauty of Android running on a Nintendo Switch with its pair of Joy-Cons, play emulators with it, or use it as your one stop multimedia device.

Now, do take note that there are a lot of things missing here: you won’t have GPS, mic, camera, and certain bugs. 

While it does sound like a good project, you’ll probably be better off buying an Android tablet that’s around the same price. You can expect it to run in tiptop shape, free of bugs and whatnot. And hey, you won’t be adding to the total wear and tear of your Joy-Cons. No Déjà vu!

Source | XDA Developers

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