A Walk Down Memory Lane with Fairyland Online

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They say that all good things come to end. Sadly this time, LagerNet has announced the permanent shutdown of Fairyland after the 30th December 2019.

Fairyland Online first entered the MMORPG scene in 2003. This 2D isometric game is inspired by children's fairy tales and has run a good 16 years following its closure by the end of this year. In fact, the closure still came as a surprise to the community even though the Fairyland Online English server had stopped its registration to would-be players and Hong Kong and Taiwan servers were the first to close down in May 2018. The thing is no one would really like to believe that the closure will come all too soon. I can only guess that LagerNet had broken matters gently to the community.

Well, with every goodbyes come sweet memories.

Flash back to the early 2000s where online games were booming, I remember playing four other games (Priston Tale, Gunbound, Battleon and Ragnarok Online) when I chanced upon Fairyland. Surely all these games were unique and beautiful in their own ways but Fairyland was and is my favorite among them. In fact, I played again last 2018 after an almost 11 year Fairyland hiatus. The nostalgia for this game keeps coming back.

Truth be told, the reason I enjoyed this game is because you will never get tired of playing it. Of course there's the typical dungeon runs and the grinding to move onto higher levels and classes. However, even those get tiring sometimes. With Fairyland, there's just a lot of things to do! Aside from the grinding, there are also many quests and errands that will somehow immerse you to the world and the NPCs' stories. Completing quests will also reward you with experience and fame points. 

When I don't  do leveling and quests, there's still something fun to do! One can do "work," which is one of the things I find unique in the game. "Working" in Fairyland is a way of gathering raw materials to be sold or used in crafting. Work skills include Woodcutting, Fishing, Hunting, Farming and the like. These skills can be obtained through quests and these also level up the more that you "work." The higher the level of your individual work skill is, the better item you produce. The great thing about this is you can go AFK and the work will still progress on.

So let's say I get bored with grinding, doing quests, "working," and PVPs. Fairyland still has something to offer! This is perhaps the best thing I love in the game, and that is catching pets! Yes, almost all monsters in the game can be turned into your beloved pet. As a Pokemon fan, I find this most appealing as I get to battle alongside my trustworthy companions.

With all these, Fairyland is still the best MMORPG for me. Not only because of the game itself but also the game's community (shout out to Fairyland Online Community FB page!). Getting back to Fairyland after 11 years is kind of difficult especially that I'm starting from scratch and I'm adulting (less time for games). Real talk, most long running MMORPG communities are toxic. Half of veteran players would bully the new ones. The other half would be rude and would play tricks on the newbies. However, Fairyland community is by far the best I've been in. Many I made friends with and some would even help me go on leveling. In fact, during my day 1 of getting back to the game, there are already some players helping me with my level. There are some who would even give me millions of money to start my Bladesman career. Most importantly, the community helps the newbies with their innocent questions. This is one of the things that I will surely miss aside from the game.

Well, if there will be a consolation for us Fairyland players, there's a remastered Fairyland Online Chinese version.  

Enough of the memories then. I still have three months to spend with my in-game character.

This is Kadasig. Not yet signing off.

Cover image source: Gameranks.net

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