Disgaea 1 Complete Makes its Way to Android and iOS for $32.99

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If you’ve been looking to play Disgaea on the go but you don’t really have a portable console with you, Now is your chance to shine. Disgaea 1 Complete is heading to Android and iOS, so you won’t have any excuses left on playing this one, dood!

Basically, Disgaea 1 Complete is the high defo, complete version. It even comes with auto-battle that may or may not be a 1 click victory (we’ll let you know), speed up battles if you hate the wait, and cloud saves.

The $32.99 price tag is understandable sincet’s going to be a blast. And hey, you’ll get to bring it with you anyway. You can now get it from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Source | Google Play Store, Apple App Store
Via | Siliconera

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